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  1. Whose has a xbox one on EMC? And post what games. I have COD Ghosts, and Titanfall, and NFS Rivals
  2. I have XBox None if that counts.
  3. Yeah I have a xbox none too
  4. Me three!
  5. I have the 360 still, because the Xbox One is very expensive and there are not that many good games out for it yet. I still have lots of fun on my 360, why change now? Most of my friends still use 360 anyways :)
  6. Me 4th, and I'm saying unlimited for thos others out there. No need to post up to "me 10000000000000000000000000000000th"
    Even though there's not that many people I. The world >.<
  7. Wweeellll.....
  8. yea, i have skate 3, madden 25 and halo 4 on it and I love them all, especially skate.
  9. I was considering getting one, but my current Media Center setup works just fine for me.
  10. I have the xbone! I have wolfenstein, ryse son of Rome, battlefield 4, ghosts, forza, dead rising 3 , and titanfall, that's all I can remember