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  1. I have $40 to spend and I want to get a new xbox game. Any recommendations?
  2. I recently got Bioshock Infinite and Payday 2. I loved both of them.
  3. Bioshock Infinite indeed is awesome.
    Borderlands (the first one) I absolutely loved multiplayer. Borderlands 2 is meh, good but not as 'fun' as the OG.
    Skyrim, with all the addon packs is is morrowind.
    Black Ops 2, great game. Ghosts does not seem as good.

    What type of game do you like? FPS? RPG? Sports? Racing? Retro/classic?
    some guidelines would help recommendations!
  4. I like racing, offroad, some fps, it depends on the RPG.
  5. i am leaning toward bioshock, just hoping my mom will allow it. It should be ok though.
  6. gah, mom said no because of "violence". I don't understand considering it own halo and skyrim.
  7. If you like racing, as do I, Forza is a good game to try. I have Forza 3 and Forza 4 - the races get longer and longer as you play through the campaign but it is great fun if you like having a variety of cars and like experimenting with them.

    Or, if you are like my evil side, GTA V is a fun game to play to take your mind off of things and really get your anger out. Honestly, it helps get your stress out after a long day if that's what you have had. If you have failed at ten races in a row on Forza, you go to GTA V to shoot up some baddies! Online can be good too, which is what I play most with my friend because we just like going around annoying people, but then you have other people trying to get you too. So there are both ends to the scale with GTA.

    Call Of Duty used to be a really good name. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call Of Duty 2 would be my favourite ones. At that, they are the only ones I would really want to play at all right now. They were all pretty decent until which ever one came out after MW2. Probably Black Ops, that is where I lost interest and I never picked up on it properly again. MW2 is still a blast.

    What else do I have looking at me on the shelf... Ah, Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. Great game if you like commanding a group of soldiers and I especially like it because I look into parts of WW2 so it is interesting. Also, if you have played Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood, Hell's Highway will have more of a touching effect on you... Probably.

    Sniper Elite V2 is another one I enjoyed playing, though it got a bit samey for me. I still love the slow-motions though when I get a vital shot kill! Though, I rarely play that game anymore. It gets too boring too quickly.

    Never play FIFA. I have had way too many rages at that game. It will ruin your soul. They also get a new Ultimate Team out each year which means if you paid real money to get your team where it is, it is a big waste when you just have to start over on the next FIFA. They do not even add much on that game anymore, there is not a lot more even to add.

    Halo is a great series - Halo 3 is where I started playing, fantastic game. Halo: Reach and Halo: Wars are the games I played after Halo 3 and although not quite as good as the Master Chief adventures in Halo 3, they were still pretty decent. Not sure how Halo 4 fared, I never really thought about getting it.

    Need For Speed... Back to racing! Do not get them, they ruined it now. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (The original one, not the recent one) and Need For Speed: Carbon were personal favourites of mine, though I had those on PC and the graphics are not what we would call "good" anymore.

    I just felt like writing I guess. Most of that was probably pointless but it gives you my view! Hopefully this had some kind of small impact on your decision. Forza is good if you like racing and GTA is great for killing people. FIFA if you ant to induce raging and broken items. Fendy, out :p

    EDIT: Fendy is back in, I forgot Skyrim. Great game, I have it on PC and although I do not play it right now, I really enjoyed it.

    EDIT 2: If I mentioned Skyrim, I have to mention Oblivion. I loved Oblivion. A good few years ago now, it was pretty much the only game I played. Oblivion was great and really set a benchmark for games in my opinion. Skyrim that was born out of Oblivion just built on that benchmark and I really liked what The Elder Scrolls did with the game.
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  8. Titanfall is also really fun
  9. I have Forza 4, Skyrim and Halo 4, all fun games! I will look into titanfall. I really want watchdogs, but the sexual content seems to be a little much for my parents. Also Payday and GTA will probably be a no-go because of violence.

    Is Brothers In Arms a first person game where you can actually fight, or is it just commanding troops?
    I might go for Sniper Elite too. not sure though.
  10. you should get minecraft
    also, if you like motorcycle games, get trials evolution
    you could also get fusion.. but I don't like it because I only like the second game
  11. Brothers In Arms is a first person shooter where you command troops at the same time, so it is pretty action packed. It is hard to follow at first, for sure, but you start to get used to it and because it is different from other games I think it is a game that will differ from the rest of the first person shooters :)

    Watchdogs does not seem to be where I thought it would - not a single one of my friends has actually played it recently, whether they never got it or they did not like it is another thing but it just does not look as good as people say it was going to be.

    Oh, and Sniper Elite, I have the V2 game (V2 is a rocket that the Nazis developed in WW2) and it is alright, the cinematics make the game really exciting at first but after you have done a few missions you will feel like you are doing the same sort of stuff. Some parts are still a challenge mind you - so if you think it is the sort of game yo would like then I recommend searching it up on YouTube :)

    I usually recommend to look at YouTube for an overall look on games, especially if you are on a budget and are unsure. If videos do not help, try Google and you can get some decent reviews there. Go for what fits your taste, too :)
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  12. Thanks fendy! I will definitly look into these games.
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  13. I found a pretty decent review for Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. They say in the video that you will feel more comfortable playing the game and understand it more if you have played the first two but I would recommend having a look at it anyway, because of course, you can play it without playing the others (not sure if the others are even on Xbox)! The review is only a few minutes long and gives you a pretty good hint at how the game will be like for you :)
  14. Just came here to say I personally DO NOT recommend MC for xbox at all. It is way behind and unless you've got friends playing it constantly, it isn't really any fun and not worth the money.
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  15. I'm honestly against both Microsoft and Sony, when it comes to consoles. A lot of the popular games I know of on these console families are rated at least 'T', containing intense violence, animated blood or blood and gore, and/or swearing/strong language. But there's more to make my avoid these such violent titles.

    Realism: A lot of these games have highly, realistic graphics furthermore raising their sense of reality to the player(s). There's a difference between not having this combination.
    Despite it's 'M' rating, Team Fortress 2 doesn't have ultra realism within it's graphics that makes me reject other first-person shooter franchises, like Call of Duty and Battlefield. In fact, there's an equipable item in TF2 that replaces Hell with Heaven.
    I like how video games can take one to what seems to be another world, but visuals with too much realism can take away the uniqueness.
    JL2579, from Zipkrowd, said in a vlog once that Minecraft is helpful to autistic people, because it's graphics aren't as overwhelming as other games designers have worked on for extremely long periods.

    Lack of Variation: At lot of these games have much in common with each other. Like I said before, they have high-end realistic graphics. The most related franchises I know of are Call of Duty and Battlefield.bI think their graphics styles are nearly identical as well as their gameplay; I also don't know for certain if the developers intended to be in competition over these games or not.
    You don't need to have continuous action for a good game, but unfortunately these are found to sell at exorbitant rates from other genres.
  16. it was just a joke.
    cause we're on a minecraft server, eh?
  17. Well, what kinds of games you like?