X/Y GHOST GIRL Rant. (Soz for caps.)

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What do you think of this?

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No 2 vote(s) 16.7%
LOLRANDOMNESS 6 vote(s) 50.0%
Summon The Sprit! 10 vote(s) 83.3%
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  1. Reminder; I am afraid to write this because I might die.

    In the Northern Boluveard in Luminose City, if you go into the Office building's 2nd floor, there is a strange woman behind you when you come out. You then say something like "Your not the one..." It's confusing, but that's not that the only sighting of her in NBLC (Northern Boluveard in Luminose City). In the hotel of NBLC go to the 4th floor, go to the first room to the right, and you might see somthing like her. This last one might be her. Go behind the the timetable in the station, and it says something about meeting the beloved one at the usual place. This makes no sense, but this isn't the only creepy thing in Pokemon.

    In Lavender town, generations 1-4, there's the creepy LTS (Lavender Town Syndrome) that can happen to you, the ghost hand on your shoulder.
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  2. Something I found while researching about this is that the girl is waiting for someone with a certain code in the game sync code. She'll stay something different when that person with the code is found, however who that person is and what the code might be is still unknown
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  3. There's also the ghost girl in Pokemon B/W, on the Marvelous Bridge that disapears...
  4. WUT?
    Well, then again, these are theories....
  5. 5 votes... and we'll summon the sprit!
  6. Um, what do the letters say?
  7. Figure it out, but your the first one to notice.
    The summoning will be done on 13303, @ smp6.
  8. Why Caesar Cipher?
  9. The summoning will happen... after the login is fixed.

    I already have a message, and a hint.
    I know the code from a disney show.
    F xj zljfkd.
  10. Hm... I didn't put that there...
    EDIT: use caesar cipher, turn by -3.
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  13. Someone might have to hack the game.
  14. Go to the forums, click on the right sub-forum, and click on post a new thread
  15. How is this revlant?
  16. It's posted on a thread, and he asked how you could make a thread, I guess:p
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    now back to scary pokemon
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