X is Illuminati Confirmed

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  1. In this game, we must come with a (crazy, totally unrelated to everything) Reason why X thing is illuminati confirmed. After the explanation, you must challenge the next person to explain why a Thing of there choice (Celery, Pterodactyls, KFC, etc) Is Illuminati confirmed. Now get your Tinfoil hats on everyone, and Lets Start.

    Im going to tell you all why Illuminati is Illuminati

    the Word Illuminati starts with the letter i
    A Lowercase I has a single dot
    do you know what else has a single dot?
    that's right, a Shirt with a single polka dot on it
    the Polka is a Kind of dance
    The Burger King also Dances
    Burger King sells Chicken Fries
    McDonalds also sells chicken
    There are 4 Letters in the first 4 letters of McDonalds
    8 plus 1 is 9
    Nein means no in German
    you can buy Pretzels in Germany
    Pretzels are made out of Dough
    Dough is a slang term for money
    do you know what you can buy with money
    that's right, a Dog
    Dogs are Canines
    Canines are a kind of teeth
    Sea Lions have Canines
    Sea Lions are a black-ish color
    do you know what else is a black-ish color
    that's right Vegemite
    Vegemite is made from Vegetables
    Vegetables are Plants
    Plants are Green
    US Dollar Bills are also green
    A Dollar Bill is rectangular
    a Rectangle can be cut into 2 Triangles
    Triangles have 3 sides
    6 divided by 2 is 3
    a Triangle has 3 sides
    Triangles are Illuminati

    Therefore, Illuminati is Illuminati confirmed

    I challenge you, the next person, to explain why Ladybugs are Illuminati Confirmed
  2. Do you watch Peladophobian? Just a question.
  3. a ladybug has wings
    and on those wings are polka dots
    Therefore, ladybugs are illuminati. I challenge the next person to explain why Pepsi is illuminati.
  4. jay2a, yes, yes I do
  5. Incredible
  6. I think your signature does a better job then the word incredible.
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  7. Pepsi is Illuminati because
    it was made in North Carolina
    North Carolina is known for agriculture
    Monsanto is also known for agriculture
    Monsanto sucks
    McDonald's also sucks
    Mickey D's is another name for McDonald's
    Mickey D could also be
    "Mickey 'Mouse' Disney"
    Disney is Illuminati

    I challenge the next person to explain why Facebook is Illuminati
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  8. Facebook
    People have faces
    People run companies
    Microsoft is a company
    Microsoft made Hololens
    Illuminati is going to community through hololens Skype therefor Facebook is illuminati confirmed
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  9. What is the next person supposed to confirm then?
  10. Facebook

    Facebook contains the Word Book
    The Hobbit is a Book
    It was turned into a movie by Peter Jackson
    Who else's first name is peter?
    That's right Peter Pan
    Peter Pan
    Peter Pan is a Brand of Peanut Butter
    Dogs like to Eat Peanut Butter
    Dog rhymes with Diablito Poison frog
    Frogs Have 2 legs and 2 Arms
    If you chop off 4 Tentacles off a squid, you can batter them and deep fry them in Oil to make Calamari
    Olive Oil
    Olive Oil is made of Olives
    Olives have Pits
    Apricots, Peaches, Cherries, and other Stone Fruits have pits
    the Sarlacc lives in a Pit
    the Sarlacc was in Star Wars, a Science-Fiction Movie
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is also a Sci-Fi Movie
    The Tomatoes in that movie are 3D shapes
    This is a 2D Tomato http://images.clipartpanda.com/tomato-clipart-black-and-white-tomato.jpg
    Triangles are 2D shapes
    As we know the Illuminati is a Triangle
    Therefore, Facebook is Illuminati confirmed

    NEXT: Why Tortoises are Illuminati CONFIRMED!
  11. That its self confirms Illuminati, congrats.
  12. Tortoises
    Tortoises are slow
    Slow is the opposite of fast
    Planes are fast
    Planes have wings
    You know what else has wings?
    Bats are black
    Black has 5 letters
    You know what else has 5 letters?
    Seven minus 4 is 3
    3/3 is 1
    1 times nine is 9
    9 divided by 3 is 3
    Triangles have 3 sides
    Triangles are illuminati
  13. I'm going to do why music is illuminati confirmed:
    A violin has 4 strings.
    What is the size of my violin? 1/2 size.
    What is the numerator of 1/2? 1.
    4 - 1 = 3.
    A triangle has 3 sides.
    But wait, I'm not done.
    How many beats is a dotted half note? (or minim, for those that are not Americans) 3 beats.
    How does a dotted half note look like: A open oval with a straight line coming out of the right side of it, with a dot next to the line.
    What happens when you remove the stem and move the dot into the oval? You get something that looks like an eye.
    What happens when you put your "eye" into a triangle? You get an eye inside of a triangle.
    What is the illuminati symbol? An eye inside of a triangle.

    I challenge the next person to prove how Aikar is part of the illuminati.
  14. I'm so confuzzled....but yet I undertand it. This makes me feel very much like a sophisticated idiot.
  15. Man, this was a roller coaster from start to finish.
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  16. But BK, its not Finished, we Just haven't Finished the Tracks on the Rollercoaster. Why are you ever riding on an Unfinished Rollercoaster Anyways? That is against Walrus World Theme Park co. Park Rules
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  17. Because I like to live life on the edge.
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  18. Aikar
    He runs EMC
    EMC has 3 letters
    A triangle has 3 sides
    Triangles are illuminati
    Aikar is illuminati confirmed.

    The next person should do why is Donald Trump illuminati.
  19. Donald Trump
    Donald Duck
    Dolan Duck
    Minecraft User ItsMeMatheus' Skin is that of a green Garbed Dolan Duck
    You know who else is Green-Garbed?
    That's Right, Link
    Link's name Is Not Zelda
    Samus' name is not Metroid
    Metroids are Aliens in the Metroid Series
    Aliens are from Space
    Space-Godzilla is from Space
    Godzilla and Mothra are Allies (or Enemies, Mothra is Confused about her Friendship with Him)
    Mothra is a Moth
    This Flannel Moth Caterpillar looks lime Donald Trump's Hair http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/05/01/article-2317145-198D5145000005DC-43_634x476.jpg
    Hair is Made of Keratin
    You know what else is made out of Keratin?
    That's Right. The Horns of the Black-Faced Impala
    Impala starts with the Letter I
    Illuminati starts with the Letter I
    the word Illuminati has3 I's in it
    I is shaped like a Line
    3 Lines make a triangle
    The Illuminati is a triangle

    NEXT TIME: How is the Humble Zebra actually Illuminati