wy do pepole get faked maried on emc its kinda creepey and they want evrey body to be there

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  1. its so anoying players keep on repeating come to my res im getting marired in minecraft
  2. I never saw it! I only saw one in the forums
  3. because this is the internet where trolls are real, forever alone's find friends, people game away, find out useless facts, and people socialize. and its also a joke :p
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  4. loads of them are inside jokes you just have to be in the right place at the right time
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  5. except IRL, like at highschool, it really makes you question your sanity and your peers sanity. sometimes i really do consider taking a car filled with gas (parents own a gas station so more power (and gas) to me) into the main building, get out, light a match and run. maybe i can make it to the starbucks before the police catch me.... there i go again, dreaming of a perfect universe...
    what was that? you are leaving now? but i was just getting started!!! Muahahahaha!
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  6. just pointing this extract of the Terms of Service and Rules out
  7. I don't know about people getting married in the game but I saw a video once of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend by making an amazing roller coaster ride in Minecraft that eventually went past the words built in the sky "will you marry me" then ended at a minecraft chapel. Very cool idea for two people who enjoy MC.

    Either way, live and let live. People can play how they want. What do you gain by criticizing them?
  8. Yeah I've seen that...