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  1. I'm... so scared and confused at the same time o.o
    I normally make people feel uncomfortable... >.>
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  2. He probably wasn't talking to you... that would explain why he spontaneously appeared next to you: It was spontaneous, not planned.
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  3. There was no one else close to me, and he talked in local chat, As you could see by the grey text when I responded. I was also on 6, when only 3 other people were on. There's a pretty high chance he was talking to me, as I was running towards an outpost ;_;
  4. i expect your next post to be something about a boss killing you.
  5. Yea... umm... I logged out after that ;_; I was like scared to death. (well... scared something else, but I can't say due to rules >.>)
  6. Just because nobody was in range of you doesn't mean Dwight couldn't have been in the range of 2 people. He could have been halfway between the two. Or, you could just ask him what he meant instead of posting about it :p But since the thread already exists, I'll just keep making theories until proven wrong.
  7. Yes do run... And fast
  8. Before you close this thread too XD /jk
  9. When someone comes up and says "Run", you should probably just run. o_o
  10. Run, Forrest, run!
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