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  1. I know this person made this without anything clean I mind, but I guess my head isn't in the gutter today. However, this:

    I find it extremely funny, for some reason...
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  2. That is disturbing.....
  3. That saying is so true and deep
  4. Even more so I imagine the sloth saying that very passionately while being a dolphin.
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  5. I dun get it.
  6. That happens to me often actually, I find something hilarious but it really isn't.
  7. I am going to have nightmares about this ()_o.........
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  8. It happens to me on nights when insomnia likes to come in and ruin sleepy-time.
    I still don't get it...I feel like I should stick my head down that gutter.
    Right now.
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  10. Blood-guy, pls! What are you "WEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE"ing at?
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  11. <-------- Even Vinyl is uncertian about this picture.......
    Hahaha YAY!
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  13. Vinyl can raise her glass if she's wrong...even if it's not in all the right ways....
  14. Had this as my facebook profile picture in November :3 I love 'dat sloth.
    Also, this should be sloth thread! :D
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  15. My friend found it and named it AstroSloth. xD
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  16. Oh dear God.
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  17. Memegenerator.
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