[WTT] Gold Blocks or Ingots

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  1. I am in need of 11 stacks of Gold Blocks or 99 stacks of Gold Ingots for a special build for Tinkerbell. Unfortunately, I had a horrible Rupee accident so I am looking for someone who will trade. I have Diamonds or Iron to trade with.

    If you can fill the entire order, let me know how many diamond and/or iron blocks you would want as payment. I will message you if I like your offer and we can arrange the swap from there.
  2. If I were to give you a stack of gold, how much diamonds would that turn out to? about like 15 diamonds for the stack?
  3. I was thinking 10 -12 diamonds per stack of gold ingots, but we can negotiate in pm a bit. ANyone else have gold for me?
  4. Iron! :p
  5. i have iron, an endless supply of iron, what i need is gold blocks, and as ob1bob69 has stated, we are willing to trade iron :) let everyone know please :) we would really appreciate it!
  6. Yeah, I have more Iron and Diamonds then I know what to do with so I will trade 3 iron ingots for 1 gold ingot or 1 diamond for 6 gold ingots. We are down to needing 6 stacks of blocks so let me know if you want to trade. If your interested, PM Tinkerbell28 or myself and we will log on if we see it to assist you.
  7. correction: 5 stacks of blocks
  8. Do you guys have a gold farm? I suggest using like 20 for this much gold :p
  9. yeah, um, not producing fast enough at the moment, but you could always come and trade for that iron that you need so badly!