WTB Coolest Art Eva! Reward!

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  1. Post your personal art! The best art (picked by me) gets a diamond supporter thing. #blue names

    It's that simple.

    Post some art

    I thought I would have more details.. I guess I could throw in a deadline. So..

    Coolest art by.. 48 hours after this post.

  2. Untitled-1.jpg
    #you wish you had these mad art skills
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  3. We need to make it in the 48 hours?
  4. Preferably yeah.. but the clock is ticking.. closer to 36 hours now.

  5. Yup, that's right. Y'all just lost. :p
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  6. 25 hours left D: I expected moar art stuff for a diamond supporter reward :(
  7. I don't have any ideas e.e

    Edit: Oh I didn't remove the sketch -.- Oh well
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    I'll take the diamond supporter please :3
  9. I'm actually dying xD
  10. i might touch it up a bit and change the wreaking ball into ice cream...
  11. I think this is the first real life drawing in this thread . 10255205_439353659541895_6850663190876518937_n.jpg
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  12. I tried gimp I am bad
  13. watch phlearn. although some of the content may not be applicable, it helps.
  14. only 6 moar hours!
  15. month5.PNG
    I suppose photoshop is an art...
    Just a bit of advertising :p
  16. Came up with some extra new "art" to kill all dis new competition. :p

    I know, it's too good. Will I have to withdraw it from the contest due to unfair measures of supreme cuteness?
  17. Anyone see the new poster for Ketchup Solace?
    Ketchup Solace.jpg
  18. That picture was suppose to be moving but the image was too large.

    Note: Perfect size for computer background :p

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  19. I don't even know. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap I dug through trying to find something that wasn't painfully old, awful, or both.
    It did kinda make me want to start drawing again though, so there is that I guess.
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