[Writing] The Rain Falls

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  1. (Taken in The Endless Forest. From left to right, me, Kamaya, and a sleepy Mandel)

    The rain was never ending, as was the sadness that covered the forest. Talks of disaster caused everybody to fear "the end". I sheltered in the big oak, a tree with a mostly hollow bottom, where deer head for when rain begins. However the usually full space had 2 beings inside. I didn't know their names, but they regarded me politely and invited me to sit down with them.
    I had to decline, something was pulling me towards other locations.

    A short walk revealed The Twin Gods. The small hill was full of animals, paying their respects. I turned slightly to discover that a brown deer from inside the tree had followed me. We payed our respects. We followed the examples of the other deer. Today, I decided, was going to be a sorrowful day in the forest.

    A familiar scent fluttered towards me, carried by the wind. Poppies and rain filled the air, however I was unsure about my suspicions until I glimpsed the red pelt not far behind me. I smiled at Kamaya, and she smiled back. She had deer on either side of her. One of them I recognised as Mandel, but the other was a stranger to me..... I bowed my greeting to Kamaya, and I got an ear twitch in return. It must have been because Mandel was asleep, she didn't want to move and disturb his slumber.... I nodded at her, before settling down on the other side of Mandel, his wet pelt brushing mine slightly.

    I must have fallen asleep for a while, as when I woke up Mandel and the mystery deer were both gone. I shook my head awake, but I stayed on the ground, the gods were still mourning, the rain still showing no signs of slowing down. I lowered my head, slightly upset at the sadness that still covered the forest. Kamaya snuggled her small body into my side, raising my spirits slightly. Her rain scent faded slightly and was replaced with a stronger scent of poppies, expressing her strange joy. I couldn't help but smile, her attitude affecting me.

    After enjoying each others warmth, she hopped to her feet and bounded off towards the lake. Reluctantly, I rose and followed her to the water. When I arrived, Kamaya, Mandel and around 4 other deer were bounding around in happy circles, enjoying the rain and the puddles. My numb legs didn't even bother thinking about the aspect of prancing, but the pure excitement that everyone emitted was heard to ignore. Kamaya passed under me, and Mandel jumped past my face. I smiled, slightly confused by everything going on. I broke into a small dance, my feet tapping on the damp forest floor. I stopped after a few minutes, which I quickly realised was a bad idea.

    Mandel stormed up to my face, almost taking my eye out with one of his antlers. He reared up and shouted in my face. I hesitated slightly before tapping my feet once more. He flashed a smile at me, and surprised me further by dancing beside me.
    Before I knew it, there was a line of deer, our hooves making a hypnotising rhythm.

    (From left to right, Emilia , Mandel, Me, Kamaya)

    The rain still fell, but a spark of happiness now filled me, replacing the sadness. I was happy for the friends I still have, instead of the friends lost.

    Feedback appreciated
    Written after a fun morning on The Endless Forest

    Kamaya's Bio (WARNING - It plays music!)
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