writing books in minecraft.

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  1. Just thinking it would be nice to hear about what some people are going write books about. I plan on writing books about the story of the ender church on my lot. I know someone else who's writing about their travels in the wild. so feel free to chime in with anything you have planned.
  2. I am currently making a town going through the zombie apocalypse, so there will be some buildings with written books inside carrying little bits of info/diary entries/etc.
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  3. A traveller's diary :)
  4. I build a large library for the LLO wild community. I am currently working on getting some sort of history book for it done.
    I would really like to be able to make copies of a signed book. So you could sell or distribute those.
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  5. I'm making my own twist on the Empire Guide. Also some self-advertisement that only I will see and it will direct me to my Youtube channel which I have never seen before in my life.
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