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  1. Thinking for the new update i might open up a writers guild. Only the most experienced EMC writers would make it into our ranks and our private library would be one of the biggest if not the biggest in all of EMC. I might do it on my new res, 420. The guild would also include enchanters to so the writers guild would not all be about writing ;) The Guild hall would include rooms for members, public areas ect.
    Memebrs could trade secrets of grinder locations with each other possibly, cheaper deals within the guild ect ect there's alot i could do with this.
    As i said though im not gonna make it easy to join the ranks of the writers guild, proof of skill will be needed probley in the form of a book as a application.
  2. Looking for some really good builders, need to see some proof too. I cant for the life of me think how i want this to look so maybe some of the really good builders out there can help me
  3. Hey I may join you.
  4. Ooooooo sounds sweet. Now, down to official English. I have a few questions. How long should the book for my application be? Will I need to wait until 1.3 to copy it into writable books? Or can I just post a file on this thread?
  5. I could help build, and I would say maybe the library of congress or something similar to it.
    And I guess for the proof, all I can show you is my mansion I got rid of in preparation for my 1.3 build. Everything else was deleted in my Minecraft problem.
  6. Ooh :D I like this idea, and when 1.3 comes out, I will be sure to apply. But you should make a topic in the app as well... but I write in fiction better. :)
  7. Well, if it's any consolation, I'm an admin on a writing-heavy RP forum and an avid fiction writer myself in my free time. That, and I may be boasting a bit, but I'm rather proud of my builds on my residence at 1610. I'd like to join if I can c:
  8. Hello all, I have completed the Public part of the library and am onto the guild part of it. I was going to take applications in the form of books but i guess i can take them here on the forums. To be completly honest with you all i dont see a reason for a "guild" on emc other than to be a organized group, so thats what we will be. That and hopefully seen as the best writers in EMC.
    The guild is also looking for enchanters so pm me if your interested in this title. The enchanter would sell me stock of enchanted items at a cheap price for rights of membership to the guild.
    Now, to see the guild/library so far then visit 420 on smp1. We will be taking ALL books for the public library (i havnt worked a system or "renting" them so it may have to be a buy thing) as soon as you can start writing them :)

    TO APPLY TO THE GUILD- Choose 1 of 2 options.
    PM Me On Forums: Write a short story, anything you like. Any subject, any genre. Keep it short as possible please! Include all your skills for best chance of being accepted.
    Write A book: Wait for the update and write a book, same rules. Short story, anything you want. (Recommended Option)

    Remember only the best of the best will be accepted. Please feel free to ask any questions as i may have left some info out.

    Sorry for the late reply also, the replys didnt show up on my alerts :/
  9. JabrZer0 Started the EMC Library, I own SMP4's Start a convo with him maybe you can get the books submitted into us :D
  10. The guild has its own on site library thanks anyway.
  11. i will be apart of this i think i am perfect
  12. It has come to my attention that you have just recently opened a type of writer's guild. I, for one, would love to take tribute to this fascinating addition to the 1.3 Update to Minecraft. Sure, I don't necessarily have proof of profession when it comes to writing, let alone the fact that I'm just a mere child. Rather, I feel that this opportunity may perhaps get me that start I need.
  13. Oooooooooooo, this is perfect. I am currently working on a Memento style story. It is about a spy who has to travel to the future to kill his future self.
  14. No offense, but if you are going to start a "guild" based on writing I would try to improve my spelling and grammar.
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  15. No offence but my grammer is likely 100% better than yours and will be used propley IN BOOKS. Im not wasting my time to make sure everything is "spelt" propley here.
  16. As i have said to other people, wow you really must have no life. I mean to sit there, and type out my spelling mistakes (and miss some, yeah your real cool) you must still live in mummy's basement. GO OUTSIDE, there is a sun and its nice and warm, seriously bro it wont hurt you.
    GROW UP.
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