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  1. Anyone here watch WWE? I used to be big into the whole Monday night wars when there was a WCW vs WWF kinda thing when I was in middle/high school, but started getting kinda into it again since it's on Hulu and they're actually bringing back some old school people that used to be fun to watch when I was younger.

    Wondering if anyone else I know gets into the guilty pleasure drama that WWE is these days.
  2. Okay I admit it, I watch the occasional WWE match but to be honest I only like the drama and illegitimacy of it all :p
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  3. I figured a relevant interesting thing that happened with it was worth some talk among the fan base was the whole Undertaker streak being broken. I figured it would happen eventually, but to whom did it was kinda super 'blah' for how important of a thing it was, lol.
  4. Anyone remember Legion Of Doom - The Bushwhackers - Million Dollar Man (Ted Dibiase) - Mr Perfect - Koko B'Ware - Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Sgt. Slaughter.... ahh the memories :)
  5. Oh man...all of those. Dem were the days, lol. Sting was always my absolute favorite.
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  6. Wow didn't realize you still went on here ICC.
  7. I won't be in game, but I'll participate from time to time in the forums, for the simple fact that it's always been about the community for me and those that aren't in 'the other place' with us, doesn't mean I don't still care about them. :)
  8. ive been watching wwe for years, whos your fav fighter ICC ?
  9. Not so active anymore, but definitely Sting. I still feel the whole nWo storyline in WCW was THE greatest storyline that ever happened.
  10. im more of the modern type so i like the newer members the best as they seem to be like indestructible :D
  11. I'm more oldschool. The little guy dominating is always more badass to me. I mean, watch anything Rey Mysterio Jr does. It's almost mesmerizing. Haha.
  12. haha what about the great kahli :D
  13. That dude is a monster.
  14. hes like 8 foot and john cena can lift him #MEANMACHINE
  15. haha no way no way no way thats incredible xD
  16. In my younger days I always found WWE videos on YouTube, I somehow forgot all about it.

    Now I just wanna go search "WWE 2014 matches"
  17. haha who do you like faith ??
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  18. I'm not so sure about the names any longer so bare with me.

    Ray the mysterious man
    John C
    John H
  19. hahah yay! john cena is beast :D