Wow remove my thread much lol

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  1. Tht just proves the the admin an mods are afraid to confrunt a person so may this be a lesson my fellow gamers dont be afraid to confrunt these guys and the guys on smp2 have fun without me kk see ya
  2. Yes, I deleted your thread and permanently banned you from EMC, but are you really all that confused about my reasons?

    Also, for a guy who apparently doesn't play EMC at all, your 40+ hours of weekly playtime seem to beg to differ. ;)
  3. There's no such thing as a Seaman First Class in the United States Navy. Nice try. (This is referencing OP's claim in the deleted post.)

    E-1: Seaman/Airman/Fireman/Hospitalman/Constructionman Recruit
    E-2: Seaman/Airman/Fireman/Hospitalman/Constructionman Apprentice
    E-3: Seaman/Airman/Fireman/Hospitalman/Constructionman
    E-4: Petty Officer Third Class
    E-5: Petty Officer Second Class
    E-6: Petty Officer First Class
    E-7: Chief Petty Officer
    E-8: Senior Chief Petty Officer
    E-9: Master Chief Petty Officer

    This is all from memory from someone who really was in the USN.
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  4. Didn't actually read that thread... maybe I should, for a laugh. :p
  5. You just got 'confronted' by two mods within 15 minutes of this posting...
  6. Don't u get what he's trying to say...seaman? say it quick to ur self and think of words that sound similar... :( hes a perv in a box xD
  7. We wont miss you. Also, Links please.
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  8. Lol, "seaman first class" hasn't existed since world war two...
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  9. I deleted the thread, it doesn't exist to you.
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  10. When is this guy going to get a site ban?
  11. If it were an appeal, it would be a candidate for something.
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  12. I should be scared tht 2 no lives confrunted me well thts a first how about u guys talk to to me when you actually see a [REDACTED] and i dont mean your mom or ur cat
  13. That sucks. :( I am now going to get a basic idea on what happened.

    1. He makes a thread (HUUUURRRADURRR)
    2. He lies about being part of the USN.
    3. Gets banned and thread deleted.
    4. Makes a complaint thread.
  14. So all he had to do is ask for an unban and we could troll him some more?
  15. Something tells me your not 22 years old, more like 10. Please, go back to your dark basement.
  16. It's funny because you asked us to confront you.
    It's funnier because Edmund is a father.
  17. And your the guy tht stocks people on wht they say
  18. 5. He uses plenty of foul language and derogatory terms.
    6. He said that he was going to bed about 30 minutes ago.
    7. He has very bad spelling. (He spelled "lives" as "lies" and "stalker" as "stocker")

    EDIT: Wow, while I was typing that, he is posting about "stock"
  19. I don't think "wht they say" is a solid, flat surface, and I don't think I stock anything in the first place.
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  20. So... as an actual Enlisted Army individual... it upsets me to see someone who would say these things and expect that just throwing random insults with no validity would resolve the situation. I rarely post on these kinds of threads, to be honest, they are a waste of energy for me. However, due to your .... "involvement" in the military, I have to sacrifice my moderator ambiguity to simply say.... You, my friend, are an idiot. If you truly are in any kind of service... it helps you none in this case. I am glad that your countless hours logged here have left you with whatever sour feeling you may have for gamers as a whole, as it seems you have quite the stereotype developed. Just so you know, for the future, many people can simply play a game. I know for a fact that there are two serving American Military individuals on the staff team at this moment, and a retiree, thats not even counting the many I personally know in the community. So obviously your assumptions of who are behind these screens are right on the money. Now I guess I will "roll" away and spend all of the supporters money on cheeseburgers, as you seem to think that is what we do.