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  1. I have a WoW game (World of Warcraft game) and it is called cataclysm or that is what I think it is called. Anyone who plays this game or anyone who wants to chat about the game feel free. I also would to hear comments about the Diablo series because I might want to buy it.
  2. I started playing WoW around December 2009, just about the time that Icecrown Citadel opened up. I took some small breaks now and again, but I stopped playing early this year after the new content in Cataclysm had become stagnant. I moved back to Rift shortly after.

    I plan to resume playing for a bit when Mists of Pandaria comes out, but I don't expect I'll stay for long.

    I wasn't intending to get Diablo 3 and I didn't buy into all the hype, but at the insistence of a friend I downloaded it and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Although Torchlight is considered an alternative to Diablo, I like to think of it as a supplement.

    There's a Diablo 3 thread here:
  3. I played WoW from open beta until about half a year ago. Some small breaks as well. After "Burning Crusade" (1st AddOn) I lost interest in the whole PvE-part. But I still loved the PvP :)

    Battlegrounds where pretty much the whole game for me^^ Some 2on2/3on3 arena with friends j4f... I still enjoyed some instances with my guild, and they where probably the most fun times for me.
    When Blizz announced the introduction of a pvp-attack-stat for MoP, I left. Until now, PvP-equip wasn't good, but it was okay for a few guildruns on some heroics. I simply don't have the time to farm good PvP-equipment AND acceptable PvE-equip.

    About Diablo 3, if you like to grind endlessly doing pretty much the same thing, over and over and over [...] and over again for a tiny chance to find a good item, go for it :D It's by far not everybodys game, but if it's your thing you can waste tons of time with it^^ If you're not into the repetetive style Diablo was, is and will be forever, don't buy it, 'cause you will play it for a week or 2 at most.
    I'd suggest to find someone who would give you a testversion code.
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  4. I used to play WOW quite frequently when a couple good friends of mine were also playing. I immediately became hooked with the amazing graphics, intricate details, catchy theme songs for each world, and the easy interaction between players on various servers. In college, I would spend most of my time over-heating my Acer Aspire 4710 into the wee hours of the morning going on runs and killing allies with my best buddies...Good times.;)

    However, one day after a major update, my game was never the same again. The sound files in the game where corrupted somehow after the update and were never the same again. My graphics card quickly became out of date (which I soon expected to happen, as my laptop was ancient), and I was constantly lagging. The game became virtually unplayable, and I felt I was wasting my money on something that I soon didn't click on anymore.

    Long story short, WOW has seen better days in my opinion.

    The end.
  5. I never knew WoW meant World Of Warcraft... I thought they were saying wow and gazing at something. xD
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