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  1. Diablo 3
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  2. The game seems okay, but not even great( or anywhere as good as hype makes it seem.)
  3. really? i played during open beta and i LOVED it :p.
    share with me why it just seems okay? :)
  4. I haven't found anything of it that makes it stand out as a dungeon crawler( besides the money market). Compared to one of the other popular dungeon crawlers being released this year(Torchlight 2). Torchlight two is cheaper, doesn't force you to be online to play( yay lan parties), I enjoy the graphic style of TL2 more, A class that uses giant wrenches, and isn't a bright game that claims to be dark and gritty likes its older games.
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  5. I got in the Beta, it was cool. I don't know if I'm going to buy it right away. Don't care about selling items for real cash. Plus I'm seriously addicted to Minecraft. So I doubt I'll play it anyways. I don't think it's going to live 100% up to the hype. We'll see. You only got to play the Demo over and over really. I'll probably buy it in a couple months.
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  6. yeah, i haven't heard much about TL2 to be honest. But i mean, Blizzard has been doing this for a long time and i trust them with a good time. The money market idea is awesome in my opinion, i mean yeah, only people with spare money will shell out $25 for a good item, but that's $25 to be made while playing video games!
  7. yeah i'm pretty addicted to MC also, but lately its been losing its touch for me, so hopefully a little distance with it and Diablo will make it come back sooner or later.
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  8. Not quite. Blizzard will be taking a percentage of all sales. I want to say 15%. Also, you'll be required to use PayPal. So that'll be another percentage taken out of it that will go to paypal. It's not quite as good a deal as they're making it sound. Plus, technically you'll need to claim all of the money gained on your taxes.

    that aside, I have a feeling it'll be a really really good game. My qualm with it, is they revealed it back in '07. It's been 5 years. I don't think it's going to be THAT great. I don't know why it's taken them that long to finish this game, I'm not a member of the Blizzard orginization. I'm really hoping it'll be amazing, but I'm worried that the 5 years since they revealed it with pushback after pushback... just too much hype.
  9. Also, definitely check out TL2. I think it'll be a good game. We'll see. I've seen a few Beta impressions on youtube and it seems pretty solid. Different but the same.
  10. kinda like guildwars 2 :p
  11. and being that i don't have a job, money is still money - and taxes are. well... taxes. lol. :p. i think i might actually farm a lot though and try to make a decent income off of it this summer. i'm 17 y/o so we'll see what happens :p
  12. I think the sales will really spike in the launch of the game. You'll be able to make some good money if you level fast and really luck out with some super sweet drops. I wish you luck. And if you make less than a certain amount of money in a year you don't have to file taxes, I don't know the number but it's probably around 10,000.
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  13. The people who are doing TL2 have been doing it for a long time also. The team is made up of people who have worked on other dungeon crawlers ( Like the older Diablos and Fate.) TL2 is only $20 and if you get the preorder on steam you get a copy of the first one. Just give it a try. Dungeons of Dredmor and Legend of Grimrock are also fun recent dungeon crawlers for the cheap.
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  14. thanks for the info ^.^. i'll probably end up posting something about the sales as i age into the game and i get better and understand it more
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  15. when i get money that i can spend next i'll def. try it! thanks for the recommendation!
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  16. I recommend it too. I got the pre order where you get the original Torchlight. It's a really really fun game with a fun twist on the Action RPG element. Not really twist, but it's basically a Diablo 2 clone. I mean... it reminds me SO MUCH of that game it's insane. But it's definitely a very fun game.
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  17. another reason why i'm getting diablo 3 is because when i was like.. 11 my brother would be playing it all the time and i'd be watching like 24/7 - the nostalgia in that game is going to be intense for me lol.
  18. Fate. I loved Fate so much. Still play it :p
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