Would you use it?

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Would you use or not use this service?

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Yes 5 vote(s) 29.4%
No 12 vote(s) 70.6%
  1. Hi my IGN is oblivionlml. I just recently joined the Empire and have started to build on SMP 2, the supplies given to you at the start is a great idea and all but I felt like it wasn't enough.

    So here is an idea that has been floating around in my head for months but I have never had the community to do it: A Bank. I know what your thinking. "A bank? Why would I use that I can store stuff on my own land!" Well that is true but a bank is more than that when you put money or supplies into a bank you get more out. How you might ask? Simple new players join and need supplies/money. So the items you put into the bank are loaned out to new players for a set amount of time, with interest of course, and are eventually payed back. How do you make money by putting your money in? You get a percentage of the income based on how much you put in!

    Right now this is a crazy dream, don't steal it, but I know in the future it could work! So the point of this thread is to ask the community: Would you use or not use this service and why or why not?
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  2. It is just a rough idea now, there might be fees associated with usage at some point.
  3. Whats stopping someone to 'rent' an object and then not pay it back?

    Unless it's automated I suppose, and the blocks/tools just magically disappear and end up back in the 'bank'.
  4. It's a good idea, but what about debt? If a griefer(the worst griefer in the world) saw a server that handed out stuff for FREE(i read earlier stuff about payment, so i know about it) and decided, let's ruin the bank, then they could take everything and leave the server. On the debt part, if a person took 64 dirt, didn't pay it off, then how would the person who put 64 dirt in get his interest AND his original stack back? The person who took 64 dirt would mine the dirt and pay it off right? Then he would get a stack and a half, for the interest. Then what would the bank be when the person realized that he/she could mine for it? I know that would help with like... diamond and wool and stuff like that. But why not steal it? A good idea IF it could be implemented correcty.
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  5. I dont think this is a very good idea considering the Minecraft economy of the empire is very bad. personally I had to start out with no supplies and had a blast exploring the wasteland to collect supplies. After collecting enough I was ready to open up a shop. this brought in money that I could use to get more supplies. I like the idea of starting out fresh and working your way up to tycoon status. and Someone could put a diamond pick into it then there would be a new member running around with a diamond pick leisurly running through mines. Please keep in mind that we are a survival server and getting fancy armor and free supplies make out of iron at the very start seems more like living than surviving-Boss
  6. Yes!
    Thank you for saying that! No offense intended oblivionlml, but i just don't see it working.
  7. Yes please dont get me wrong No offense intended. I encourage you to continue thinking of ideas that will help out server grow
  8. I thought about that before and should have posted that. When you take out the loan you need to have some form of credit to your name, such as having built a house on a lot ETC. Secondly when you get the loan you would grant me the right to access your property, so if you didn't pay me back, even for some dirt, I would come over and grief your place to the foundation.
  9. But think. You would get resources that THEY collected and use it for your own gains!
    It would be the END OF THE EMPIRE!
  10. lol It could spark a civil war
  11. This institution, like all banks, would be for profit (mine) of course! It's not like normal banks won't foreclose on your house if you don't pay up.
  12. This will never work in the Empire. Sorry, but this would not provide anything positive at all. This would attract many more griefers to join and wreak havoc. The current economy system works fine. People choose whether or not to purchase goods from other players at the price set by the shop owner.

    The bank would require items to be spawned. (Not done here.)
    The bank would require 24/7 dedicated staff. (Moderators are not a paid for their service here.)
  13. It would be done by me and the items would come from investors....
  14. This would be an extremely terrible plan... Having a user created bank would cause extremely outrageous problems... The kids doing the Occupy movement are there because of that exact same principle...
  15. I am sorry but I practice capitalism, it would be for profit.
  16. Well, I personally will have no part in utilizing your unofficial bank. :)
    If others choose to do so, that is their choice.
    Please do be prepared for severe controversy to stem from this, if you go through with it.
    Many griefers will target your "bank" system.
    I am only warning you so that you do not act surprised when they target you and/or your bank.
    If it manages to work out well, I would like to hear about it.
    Please do not take offense, none is meant. I am solely giving my advice, as well as my opinion.
    I am not trying to change yours.
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  17. So far 4 out of 12 people have said that they would use the bank, that is enough for me to go through with it. Thanks for all your feedback.
  18. but double the people wouldnt use it either the negatives greatly outway the positives
  19. So that means 1/3 of people will use it. If you figure that at peak hours there are 45 people on the server that means 15 of those people will at some point use the bank. Enough to make a profit.

    Secondly it wouldn't ruin the economy of the Empire. I know there will be a lot of shrink that's why interest rates will be super high.
  20. Dude, think. There are what, 2,000 members. 1/3 of that is like, 650 people. But it would be more like MAYBE 300 people b/c not every single 3rd person would like the bank. AND some people don't get on the server a lot, so thats like, 200 people who would use your bank. 1/10. That's the number that comes out, or near that. I'm sorry, but i don't see it working out.