Would you miss me if I left?

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Will you miss me?

Don't leave us truffles!! 24 vote(s) 80.0%
Pffft... He was as bad as SWM ( who I liked...) 6 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Hey guys! A lot of People have been leaving, and it's time for me to take a break. I will b on he forums, but not on the servers much. I'm having a great time with emc and I'm not leaving yet, but will yƶ miss me??

  2. dont forget to tell the staff, so you keep your res truffles :p
  3. Yes i will miss you!

    I like you on the forums :p

    (Hand never week you ingame...)
  4. I'll log on weekly to keep it. And I'm on smp2, so......
  5. Hmmm, yes, I will miss you. I hope you will never leave :p
  6. come back to us soon truffles ;)
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  7. I will miss you. I have your contest entry that I shall greedily keep all to myself. :D

    Come back soon!
  8. Nope
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  9. I want to say yes........ But to be honest I don't know you so ummmm, maybe? But it's sad to see people leave, sooo, it's likely.
  10. Why not happyshopper? Is it because I never met you so u wont miss me? Or be ause you don't like me?
  11. That :) ^^ :) ^^ :) ^^ :)
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  12. Ok good, I didn't want to have a lot of hating... Everyone who put no cold u say why?
  13. Of course we would miss you. Those that said no, didn't mean it, it was just the tears shorting out the keys on the keyboard.
  14. *cough* ATTENTION SEEKER *cough*
    trololol jk i loves you!
    We would love if you left.
  15. sorry, had to make that visible..