Would you consider this rude?

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  1. 4. Thou Shalt Not Be Rude

    Be polite and respectful to others in the game and in the chat, and don’t harass or insult anybody, for any reason. If someone asks you to leave thier lot or to stop doing something that is affecting them in some way, respect them and do as they ask.

    The person I was talking to, in my opinion, was being rude to another player. But the person thinks im just trolling them. Do you think this was rude, not rude, or in the middle?

  2. I was on the server and saw this (I'm the one who said blame Aikar :3)
    The person was bring rude, and you handled it in a good matter.
    But please, PM this to a Mod or Admin
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  3. Nah I'm fine with just reporting them. But I was just wondering so I could be up to date with what is considered rude and what isn't :p
  4. As jtc said, no matter how you personally feel, you should always bring things like this up privately with a Staff Member rather than posting it publicly. That way it can be handled appropriately rather than be noticed in the open. This is the same as accusing of someone openly, which is discouraged. Every thing is handled by case and in context, rather than viewing bits posted by users. Not saying you did the wrong thing, but it should have been handled differently.
  5. I still think your a mod sometimes, and i must look over at your avatar and remind myself :confused:
  6. okey then :p I guess I'll PM a mod later. Thanks
  7. As Ismooch said.... *fist pump to Ismooch... closing thread now.....
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  8. Not yet!:p
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