Would this be allowed?

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  1. When running minecraft in osx, you have the option of changing a control to caps lock and leaving it there. I was wondering if we would be allowed to do this. You can afk for hours doing this. It feels a little cheaty. Thoughts?
  2. It probably depends on the action that you are doing, you might need to explain exactly what you are doing.
  3. Do you mean like setting an attack button to caps lock, leaving caps lock on, and going elsewhere while you have Steve continuously doing something (mob grinding, farm grinding, etc...)? If so then that isn't allowed. With keybind mods there is a note about not doing this. Although it isn't a mod, it still is the same idea.
  4. I often use cap locks as my sneak control so I don't have to hold shift, but I could definitely see situations where it wouldn't be acceptable. Not sure if its any different then just leaving a weight or something on a certain key, or it that would even be trackable.
  5. As in something like mining cobble, you could get a gen and an Unbreaking 3 pick and a hopper.
    Or an afk fishing machine. (Hold right click)
    Well, you won't be on all day during the school day.
  6. People have been banned for those before.
  7. Seriously? I didn't know that :confused: Will have to stop using F9 or F10 then.
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  8. It does not say anything about it in the rules, and it is not really a bug.
  9. I think from an old thread it said you could do this to not wear out your fingers but it also said you can't idle your computer using this, you have to be at the minecraft screen while doing this, no cookie clicker duration idling times
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  10. Autofishers are a common hacked client feature. I was more referring to the fishing one, I haven't heard of anyone actually AFK cobble/stone gen mining. Still though, I wouldn't risk being banned for a few minutes of time.
  11. Using any means to interact with the world while afk is not allowed. Be it using a mod or a book on top of your mouse.
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  12. ...or anything else
  13. If we had capslock as an attack button while we are not afl then is it legal?
  14. As long as you are actually interacting with your mouse and keyboard in game while it is on, I believe it is ok.
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