Would mob grinders be worth it to sell....

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  1. I was wondering what people would expect to pay for a mob grinder. I was going to think about selling them, but not sure if it would be worth the time for me. Really, the hardest part is just finding a double or triple spawner. Takes forever lol. This would of course be 7-10k out from spawn and would only be known location wise by me and the buyer.

    So here it is, what would people pay for...

    1 spawner grinder:
    2 spawner grinder:
    3 spawner grinder:

    All being either zombies and/or skeletons. spiders are a pain in the neck.
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  2. How much time and effort would go into these? Can you give us your opinion on what you would pay? That way we have a frame of reference. What kinds of materials would you be using to build these?
  3. i would pay 6000 at the minimum for a 3 spawner i dont know how high i would go
    but yea i would love to buy some
  4. Spiders are a pain, for sure. I'm thinking of just destroying the ones I have incorporated into my grinder.

    I don't know what they would be worth, but I'd guess even a single spawner grinder would be worth at least 20k, and the multiple grinders 50k or more. I mean, a player could conceivably make that back selling enchanted items in just a couple of days. I'd say more, even, but I don't know if people would pay it.
  5. holy carp 20 k for 1?
  6. That's only the price of a couple of good enchanted tools. I don't think that's too much at all. I mean, if a person works a single spawner grinder for a week and then sells the items off, they've already paid for it, and they are still able to keep making rupees from it for an indefinite period, supposing that they keep the location safe. I would say that's still a very sound investment.
  7. the auction u bid on mine took me like 2 weeks... i have such bad luck i cant stop getting unbreaking III
  8. Yeah. Yet again, price is determined by supply and demand. As (from what I can tell) there is a very high demand on the servers for enchanted items and other stuff that comes from grinding, that should keep prices high. And if there are only a few people selling their grinders, then the price would be higher than if there were 40 grinders for sale. It all depends on the market; however margaritte's prices are fair to me.
  9. Well, singler spawners would be cheap. maybe 5-7k. But doubles or more, I would be lost on. maybe an auction would be in play.....
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  10. I think something like that should be auction-able! Seems special enough to qualify.
  11. agree some one should bring it up with icc or justin
  12. I agree, since spawners aren't available for purchase in the /shop they should be auction-able. I'm all for this idea!
  13. In my opinion selling spawners will be a bad idea, what if the spawner gets griefed? The buyer will obviously whine ect. And he/she will probly spam and annoy you. Also if people want to buy a spawner they SHOULD pay above 20k. It takes 1-1,5 hour to get lvl 50 with a skelly or zombie spawner. And you will have a good chance to get silktouch or fortune. Theese 2 worth more than 8k each (without 2nd enchantment on) And now you will probly say: What if i don't get fortune or silktouch? And my answer is: Go for a round two :) I have enchanted alot of tools, and right now i probly have tools for over 100k. Also you can grind xp while you are afk = earning money by being afk. Well spawners are and will be a money machine so if you sell a spawner for 1k then please go shot your self (That's a joke ok? <3)

    PS. I will never sell a spawner. Yesterday i got offered 10k for the coords to my grinder, and i said NOTHANKS.
  14. i would pay 15k for a 3 spawner
  15. The griefing thing is a good point and ALWAYS a possibility. But, with only me and the buyer knowing the coords and each buyer understanding that they take the responsibility in their own hands on purchase, I dont think it would be an issue for me the seller.
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  16. it takes me around 6 hours to get a to lvl 50, also u have to make potions, and the last 6 lvl 45+ enchants i have done have been either unbreaking III, OR efficiency IV not even on the same pick and there would be a rule it has to be a certain number of blocks away from the spawn areas
  17. I don't think it will be a issue either but when it finally gets griefed the buyer will obviously whine.

    -And another reason to why i'm against selling spawners is: More people grinding xp, prices falls even more. Now days you can get Fortune3 for 5k and this godly tool is obviously a Money Machine. But people don't care, they are to lazy to mine them self ..

    /I won't get chocked if i see Fortune3 being sold for 1000rupees. :s
  18. Holy macaroni, seriosly? 6hours to get lvl 50? Are you grinding xp with chickens or what?
  19. lol
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  20. wow....it takes me 27 min to get to 50