Worst Game or Movie ever!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Jakebag, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. What do you think is the worst game or movie in the world?
    Discuss here!
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  2. Wort Game: Black Ops 2
    Worst Movie: (I dont watch bad movies.... EVER)
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  3. BO2 is quite a good game.. as long as its zombies or campaign. Multi sucks.
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  4. Worst game?
    I don't watch enough movies to have a worst one.
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  5. LoZ 2 is the worst game i have played. the worst movie i have seen might be avatar the last airbender movie
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  6. Worst movie ever: Simon Says
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  7. No LoZ game is bad ;)
  8. You have clearly never played Skyward Sword...
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  9. Except that one.
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  10. NO! That was one of my favorite movies you will not ruin it for me Mr. Dudeman!
    Worst game? Every call of duty game.
    Worst movie? Zombie land
  11. You have clearly never played a CoD game. Black Ops, MW3, and some parts of Black Ops II suck. COD4 is where it's at ;)
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  12. I played black ops, mw3, black ops two, and cod4. I hated them all.
  13. How about WaW?
    Oh, and worst game ever number 2 for me? Minecraft. I find it boring now.
    I used to play Single Player all the time, that got boring. Found EMC, that turned boring a few months ago. PvP servers are boring now...I'm losing appeal for the game :/
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  14. A clip "From the 1973 Turkish film 'Kareteci Kız'"

  15. Played that too.
    I still think minecraft is amazing.
  16. I prefer my LoZ, my Mortal Kombat (the originals ;)), Harvest Moon, and my Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.
    I like Spore and The Sims too. I play CoD with my best friend about twice a week.
  17. Worst game: I am not really sure.
    Worst movie: Troll 2
  18. If you liked the movie, then you clearly never watched the cartoons, that movie was a disgrace to the franchise and caused me pain watching it.....I love the cartoons soo much.

    Worst Movies:
    Hero (early jet li movie)
    The Tree of Life

    Worst Games:
    I don't like COD, but they're not bad games.
  19. I watched nearly every episode. I agree, it wasn't true to the show but I still thought it was pretty good.mi still keep hoping they make a second one...