World vs World (a.k.a Empire vs Empire)

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  1. Have any of you played Guild Wars 2 World Vs World? Well, if you haven't, here is a quick explanation. 2 Servers on guild wars two, on a massive battlefield, fight to the death in a massive war over a few hours. This could be an extra server for EMC, replacing SMP9. After a few hours, the amount of kills is counted as score, and the server with more kills wins, with each person that got 2 or more kills getting a few rupees. You shouldn't drop items when killed, just the person that killed you get a bit of EXP. This would be awesome :D
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  2. Yea sounds really good, I'd love too do this. About the none dropping items thing, Do you keep your items still (The command block think) or do you just not drop anything? Cause I'd prefer too keep the items lol.
  3. Just a little word, :). If Justin, Aikar and all the staff need a little hand with the coding, I'd love too help!
  4. Why would we replace SMP9, probably right now our most active server?
  5. wasnt it being shut down.......? anyway, if the shutdown was stopped, a new servfer
  6. that 'Preparing to Shutdown' thing has just a visual glitch that means nothing.
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  7. You wouldn't lose your items
  8. I'm a little confused by this, do you mean to do this on Guild Wars 2, or on Minecraft?
    And get rid of smp9? Not a chance.
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  9. A new server for it would be ideal and yes this is on Minecraft
  10. But just think that if your on a huge streak and some one kills you, someone might hold a grudge and kill them or something stupid on another server and get banned for PVP
  11. Yea, they'd get banned and it'd be their fault
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  12. Okay, I don't want to force down this idea as bad or anything, I just really don't see a new server being made just for this.
    Oh yeah, Aikar, blah blah blah new server.
  13. Aikar is already making a PvP server, that unlike this idea, isn't overused.
  14. This is a nice idea, though since it would involve more servers most likely will not happen. However, if there is a mod for this ill load it up on a server of mine and a few people may play on there :)
  15. name 5 servers that use server vs server.
  16. that would be cool
  17. Just look in the first two pages on PMC. You will find a bunch that are just a map team vs. team, since that is esentially what it is.