World Trade Centers Coming Back To Life

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  1. So, today I thought about this and... this idea stuck to me. Why not build something to remember those who lost their lives. Yes, there will be 2 towers. Construction will start this weekend. For what will take place in the towers in still yet to be decided, I will use stone and wool to build them. I will also need 4 DCs of sea lanterns for light. In front of each tower, there will be a few fountains and other decos.

    My goal is to complete the towers by Septemeber 11th of 2016.

    Want to help? PM me for details.

  2. thank u for honoring the memory of those who lost their lives in that disaster I cant help but gl on it P.S. u should sell things like the old towers there as an insult to those who tried to destroy America
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  3. I'd love to help! Let me know what I can help with and when you need help!
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  4. This is a great idea, what res it it going to be at? What colors of wool do you need? I can get you some.
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  5. 3rd and 1st res. Gray wool.
  6. I'm in. Hooah!
  7. Is VividOptimism 's utopia res still around? If so, I recommend going and taking a look at it. He had a similar idea.

    Edit: 5210 on utopia. Check it out
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    It looks great, though i'm conserned it won't last. VividOptimism hasn't been on in 111 days and in 4 days his place goes derelict. If you know him or care enough about this memorial please vote for him to save this place.
  9. I think if you do both towers, you should do the other buildings in the WTC as well (The Marriott hotel, and the 3 small buildings, and WTC 7, the building behind the main center) and the plaza.