World of Text! :D

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  1. I just found this magical website called World of Text, and practically it's a huge document that everyone can write on!
    It's easier if you just try it out!
    Really really simple fun!

    I've put a quick intro thingy in the middle, but it might get deleted by someone so:
    Hai and welcome to Alice's World of Text! :D
    Please put your username and what site you're from so I know who you are! :3


    It updates automatically when you write something, you can also see anything anyone else writes as they write it! You can close the window when you're finished, and it'll stay there until someone deletes it :p
    Click and drag the mouse to move the canvas, I think it's literally never ending!

    Have fun EMC!

    Please don't delete anything!
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  2. xD I tried typing something on iPad, but didn't work out so well :rolleyes:
  3. I dedicate this artwork to lord Legit

  4. Thanks for that Legit
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  5. Just going to give this a quick bump
    Going to sleeps~
    Let's see how it looks in the morning xD

    Please don't delete anything unless it is rude and/or offensive
  6. Bump
    My World of Text now looks more like a messed up dictionary
    Everyone types there when I sleep so I just wake up to a tonne of random words xD

    And who put the Pink Floyd lyrics on there? :confused:
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  8. Bump?
    I love how all the text is under and in the bottom left of the main text :p
    Then to the right there's a lovely little house and a rubbish little car~
    Scattered around there's also little bits and pieces... All of which I try to add my opinion to -.-
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  9. he's totally been trolling that canvas while you were sleeping :p

    I think under & bottom left just became the main text :p it all depends on how you look at it
  10. I think we all just move where we want to :p
  11. i think i need one of these worlds of my own before i scribble crazy stuff all over yours :p
  12. Careful sharing it here
    Someone wonderful is deleting all of mine again <3
  13. You deserve a prize for discovering this. Easily one of the greatest websites ever.
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  14. *bows*
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  15. Bump
    Thanks whoever cleaned it all up for me <3 You're da best
    There's still some messed up in the bottom corner where the arrow leads to, but you've done good :p
    Still trying to add to this~
    Always will be~
  17. I dont think so no
  18. no CTRL-C CTRL-V? life ruined
  19. the jive can't be removed
    because it's in my heart
    only a true jivist would realize this
    are you jive enough??