Working on fun res for Smp9.

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  1. Along with my New Leaf Project I am also currently working on turning my under res into a fun zone.
    Currently there is a connect four there that if I am on ill let anyone play.

    But there's one problem I don't have the resources to do so. (also I need ideas for the materials)
    I'm in need of ideas for games (so far got the dot game and ender golf ideas given), and also stuff like wall materials, flooring materials, roof materials and game materials (mainly redstone). Oh and shovels need to dig a lot.

    If anyone would want to donate I set up a donation chest down the ladder and stairs at my shop.
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  2. Once I've finished clearing my res ill stop by :) if I have any shovels left ill donate some :)
  3. Thanks a lot :)
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  4. Lol ill have to add a bunch of them, make a small casino with a bar on the side. :p