The New Leaf Project

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  1. Currently MrUnknownian, TheButterscotch, Phins107, and I are working on making the western outpost on SMP9 nice again. We currently are making a area back to its original self: filling in holes, planting trees, and planting grass. In the future we are making it into a town. We are in need of donators, builders, residents and helping hands if anyone wants to help out lets us know, all help is appreciated.

    A look of the area thus far. Just making it look nice till the construction starts.

    A map of the area that we are looking into for building. (the red is the west outpost)
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  2. I could possibly help by donating (Depending on what you need) and helping hands :p
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  3. We will need everything from helping hands for building and setting up areas to donations for materials
  4. Uhm you know if you build anything within the yellow line it will be reset with the periodic resets. I suggest you go beyond the yellow line to avoid getting reset :)
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  5. I have never seen that area in the frontier get reset since I joined the server over a year ago.
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  6. Neither have I but still to be on the safe side.. :)

    Plus since you posted the location and it's extremely close to spawn it might attract griefers :/
  7. Well since greifers get banned and I go to that location a lot ill just report it. there just digging there own graves
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  8. Oooh, gawd. The forest is totally stripped away. Perhaps I will donate some saplings I got from stripping forests away... on a different server... in the wastelands... nowhere near your treeless forest...
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  9. The Work is harder than you may think, Including loosing good, Diamond Armour from a fail with your friend killing you with gravel, but besides that you need lots of dirt, so please donate anything, it would help us with this project.
    (p.s. i like how on the map all you can see is my name.)
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  10. The Job is actually kind of difficult with creepers loving the area so any help is appreciated especially with the western and southern parts
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  11. Thanks any saplings would be awesome
  12. I just noticed the area looks like a majorly deformed version of Florida :confused:
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  13. Omg it does! It would look exactly like the Southeastern area of U.S if it Florida was correct :D
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  14. I posted a chest for any donations on my res (smp9, 18994) please feel free to throw in some saplings, dirt, bonemeal, or anything you feel like donating.

    Also check out my other project here
  15. I've been looking for a place to build in the frontier for ages, thanks to Unknownian for bringing this to my attention. I'll be glad to help :D
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  16. I removed the town aspect of the project due to my not having enough time and rarly being able to get on for long enough to build, but I am still working on making it nice again but someone removed the signs relating to the project and the chest filled with dirt with out mine or mrunknownian's knowing so we need to find out who did it.
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  17. I will most likely come back to the area to found the town once I get more time
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  18. I'm actually thinking we may need to relocate for the town at the moment considering even the chests got destroyed, so I'll probably scout for that, but in the meantime we will continue to keep the area nice and tidy. Well, even after relocation we will keep the area nice, but a town that close to spawn... Wouldn't end up well. I'm starting to think this is branching into another project :D
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