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  1. its similar to New nations but has alot more gm interaction.

    basically once the nations are set the game begins.
    every turn is a real life day of 24 hours
    every bit of research that takes place requires collaboration or espionage with other nations.
    the age we start in is colonial era so nukes are far off
    a level of trust needs to be present, cheating is just shameful and breaks the game so invite the gm to everything and no side conversations

    to collaborate with a nation or nations a group convo must be made with the gm and related parties for just that collaboration. for that turn (24 hours) the title of the convo should be the date and the topic of the research followed by any discussion on the topic itself and how the nations want to refine it, remember the gm is involved so anything op will be dealt with that turn and you will be expected to use the knowledge your nation would have NO META.

    ex1: country 1 and country 2 want to research icbm's (late game) they discuss high powered rockets and other bizarre ways of launching the missile like a moon base as well as timers, and impact missiles. country two talks about nuclear fallout (an unknown until the late stages of nuclear development) the gm steps in and says your scientists discuss the concept of charged ions directly performing tests on the weaponised uranium and all develop severe reactions, these were the leaders in your respective countries and they are now held back for two turns from any progress.
    ex2: same concept but the discussion is accurate and well thought out: i use a random number generator and a little bit of common sense to determine how many turns it should take unless more discussion is had next turn clarifying and carefully testing things.

    that is collaboration

    NOW, espionage is a different bird if a country chooses to espionage another, they must select a country on their turn and declare it in private to the gm

    a country cannot espionage and research in the same turn, also a country cannot espionage a country already performing an espionage, but will not know that that is what happened

    another random number generator comes into play with you selecting which number goes where:

    1:nothing happens (could be them performing espionage or the spy defected and is living in the new nation you dont know.
    2: the spy is captured, all he gives up is which nation he is from
    3. the spy retrieves very little but you get a general idea of what they are working on
    4. the spy gets a full document of that turns work (they get a screenshot of the convo)
    5. the spy is caught but dies in a hail of gunfire, the nation knows it was spied on but not by who.

    again you can arrange these numbers how you would wish in the following format (its simple) 5, 1, 2, 4, 3.

    wars proceed similar to collaboration, you can plan wars before you attack, the gm is invited to the conversation but, they can espionage either nation to find out what you are planning.
    to plan a war you need to establish how you are moving the troops/weapons/equipment what you are attacking with and you need to be really sure you try to stay within the time period. no one nation should be able to attack another and occupy it so all wars will require some level of collaberation.

    Special rules for espionaging a nation preparing for war or building defences:

    the numbers are alot more ill include in the next post.

    im still looking for some ideas to make this run smoothly and any critiques
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  2. espionaging a warring nation:
    1. you see troop movements but get no real idea of where they are headed could just be military exercises
    2. you spot new bases you havent seen before wonder who its for?
    3. you capture a general he tells you which nation is being planned for attack (might not be yours)
    4. you capture a smuggled cache of military ordinance and try interrogating the smugglers but they were paid to know nothing capture information about a serious flaw in the nation you are espionaging's security
    6. you capture information about another nations security that you were not investigating
    7. you capture a flaw in your own security
    8. you find detailed attack plans but cannot make out what nation it is for
    9. you successfully stop an entire supply line of weapons and ammo congrats you can arm yourself or a guerilla force
    10. you plan a special forces operation but it goes horribly wrong, most are dead or captured the nation now knows you as hostile towards it
    11. the spy re-entered your own country but was followed, the nation you spied upon now has the jump on you and can choose to make a surprise attack you are unprepared for
    12. the special forces capture a huge cache of explosives but in route it explodes severely weakening your own infrastructure in that region and every nation is now aware of your sneaky activities

    not sure how exactly to deal with wars but i was simply imagining the attacker sends me his battle plan and i tell the nation being attacked they are in wartime, and to draw up defense for me. this seems subjective but until you get late game most wars will be ones of attrition and noone will be defeated without some seriously good random rolls or a number of nations team up to defeat you
  3. Hm... very good ideas you've got here, I think, but the problem is that you need people to play. The problem seems to be that many people nowadays don't care about such complicated forum games.
    I find them interesting to watch, but too deep to play myself.
    Still, though, if you'd find players interested, I could see this going well.
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  4. well ive thought about that, to keep players interested i was considering rupee prizes for things havent decided what things yet.

    a few problems ive seen in the new nations forums.

    1. the moderator stops keeping up with it
    2. people get too op and other people get frustrated
    3. people ignore the rules and the mod lets it go
    4. people join late and it throws everything in chaos

    so what i was thinking is in the public forum everyone could see, i would reveal if nations successfully researched anything (remember everything takes more then 1 turn usually so just cause a nation didnt research something does not mean they are being asneaky)
    i would reveal if any spies were used that turn but not whom, or where or anything else.
    i would reveal what an attacked nation or a attacking nation chose to reveal unless they rolled bad and it became public information then i would reveal that possibly with a bit of spin. if nations chose to take their attacks public then the news would read the outcome of said attacks

    every turn would take place in the form of a news report (or newspaper) as if there was some kind of international news source that could not be stopped from freedom of the press.

    because of this players are participating but the thread does not become cluttered and they cant just unwatch a thread to ignore it since other nations would probably be interacting with them in one way or another.

    would probably need an end game in mind to declare victors and world peace/destruction so that it has an end in sight.

    other then that it takes place in pm's so it forces people who chose to sign up and participate in the prizes to at the very least get spammed
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  5. i know this is alot of information but im just trying to get it out there and maybe have someone clean up the idea so i can have an OP that everyone reads and understands
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