Wool Collectors Needed! 100r Per Stack!

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    Hey so I need some wool collectors, basicly what I need are people who will go to a wool collecting res or the wild to collect various different wool colours. If your interested in working for me, please PM me on the fourms and I'll add you to the list.

    If you've been hired to collect wool, I will set up an access chest in my res for you. You can place all your wool in there and the next time I log on I'll add up your stacks to the amount I owe you. I'll check them everytime I log on, I should be on emc everyday now, or at least on the fourms!

    The reason I need all this wool is that I'm turning my 4th res into a pixel art res and also, spare wool left over why the gummy not? Lool:p

    Yea, that's it lol...
  2. Bump =3 P.S if the payment is too low or high please tell me, I'm willing to rise it
  3. You can just make a wool farm.
  4. I'll do it. Got a DC already. PM me more details please :)
  5. There's a public wool farm on smp3, /v +woolfarm. I will try to get some wool for u :)
  6. I have no clue how and I can't be bothered/have no time xwx
    kk =3
    Ik about the farm I just don't have time to get it all, I have my 1st res to finish, my 2nd to finish and my 4th now =P

    P.S If you want to actually start the job for money and stuff please PM so I know lel
  7. Waht about ur 3rd?
    Can i use it? :p
  8. It's finished, my utopia farm lol
  9. Bump? ;w; plz
  11. eh i could give you maybe 1 or 2 stacks in 3 or 4 days?
  12. I'll set up the access chest ^w^
  13. Sure im always happy to help :D
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  14. when does payment happen im curious ive done 2 full DC's of wool so far and no payment
  15. I'm sorry I've been a little busy, I'll get to it right now!
  16. could I sell you a SC of all collores? that is 27 stacks of all 16 collores wool times 100r = 27*16*100r = 43200r.