Wool Art Contest!

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  1. Hello fellow imperials. I have a proposal.
    A couple weeks ago we had an awesome residence contest, showing off all of the amazing lots on the empire servers. Thanks to the contest, we got to see some truly impressive wool designs and art. Take for example d1223m's castle or Jennypoo10's nyancat! Now that sheep can regrow wool, why not celebrate?

    I'm proposing a pixelart/wool contest.
    The submissions could be 2d pictures or 3d architecture, fanart or originally made. I'm hoping for some mod support, but if not I'd be happy to run this myself. With enough support, I'll turn this into a real thing! What do you think, empire?

    If this flies, I can set the 1st place prize to be ~1000r (one winner per server). It could go up if there are donations = D

    Edit: Prizes so far:
    1st Place: 2500r total per category winner

    A 1st place signature badge for your category
    2nd Place: 1250r total per category winner

    2 1st place signature badge for your category
    prize donors: amadai, slepnirson (5k total), importerer (2k total), d1223m (5k total), ISMOOCH(20k total)

    The contest entries will be judged as one of two categories:
    -Fanart (gifs, icons, characters)
    -Original designs (statues, architecture, etc)

    All five servers are eligible to enter, there will be one first place and one second place in each category for each server, you may enter up to 3 submissions, only one may win.
    Check back to see when the contest starts and ends!
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  2. agree it would be cool, and I'd be willing to drop in another 1000r or so per winner
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  3. Dis guy!!! I too would love to donate things n stuff.
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  4. id be willing to add in another 2k for a 500r second place prize per server
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  5. Thank you importerer! Every bit helps us get more entries : )
  6. If you're entering, keep your stuff! I'm not a veteran of contest planning, but I think there's a rule about not being able to enter if you're helping out with the organization/planning. And I want you to enter >: )
  7. I'm thinking of having two categories, so I'll split your per-winner prize in half. 250 per winner (500r per server), still a total of 2k. Is that alright?
  8. will do
  9. We should have more contests like this like shops or statues or pointless contraptions.
  10. or maybe smaller ones where we have specific parts of buildings, like best entryway or best pond :D
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  11. My entryways are pretty boss.. I think I may win that. :p
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  12. I can build Pyramid structures out of wool and make them hollow, then create craters and put lava in them for either visual effect, or for a battlefield
  13. Hey amad, sounds like an interesting contest :D Can I enter? If so check out my utopia res 5002, it is going to be completed very soon :)
  14. Of course! If this gets enough enthusiasm I'll make another post announcing the start of the contest : )
    Sure thing, once I get back on minecraft : )
  15. Awesome, I am sure you will love what I am building there :D
  16. I am actually really tempted to buy diamond, for a lot in utopia. I just don't have the money, though..maybe eventually :p
  17. Hey hey hey, you can get a lot in utopia as a gold member :) Gold can have two res's server wide, one of them can be on utopia :)
  18. Oh, I know, that's why I got gold. I claimed my second lot right next to my first one, as I wasn't ready to migrate over to utopia. Once I'm done with it, I think I will be : )
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  19. Oh ok, now I understand ;) Good luck with your second build though :) I will be sure to follow its progress! :)
  20. since there will be 5 servers and 2 categories and 2 places for each, I'm just going to say you donated 5k. otherwise you would be donating 20k and...no.
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