Wood shop buying preferences?

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How do you like to see Wood shop chests laid out?

By Tree Type (All Oak together, All Birch together etc) 4 vote(s) 40.0%
By Item (All Logs, All saplings, All planks etc) 6 vote(s) 60.0%
A different way which I will describe in the comments 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi all! Your friendly SMP2 wood shop owner here.

    With the addition of new logs to the game, I'm going to have to redesign my humble shop at 3443! I have a preference on how I like to buy items, but I just wanted to take a poll of the community to see what option YOU prefer.

    And remember, "If it comes from a tree, it's at 3443!"
  2. Nice little catchphrase you have there. I will be visiting, I'm in need of some 1.7 trees.
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  3. Most shops, especially the large ones, seem to categorize items in shops by type and sub-type. For example, Construction Blocks, Logs, then Birch Logs.

    In your case, you are selling a limited number of items so you might be able to design a more attractive display by grouping tree types together. I know you are good at designing so if you have a good idea for doing this, I would encourage you to try it mainly because it is different and would make your shop stand out.

    Generally, you want your customers to be able to easily understand how to find items in your shop by organizing them in a consistent and logical way. So if one way seems to fit into your design better than the other I'd choose that one.
  4. I originally voted "by tree type", although I just visited your shop and I must say I really like the way it's organized right now. Especially with the item type spelled out in wood.
  5. Per item type, because for people who want to use wood or planks for building it's grouped, for people who want to set up a farm it's grouped, (wow I'm tired, but I hope you understand me)
  6. It's funny because I'm a usability expert at my "day job" and giving input on navigation menus is one of my duties - including user research. I find the whole science around information architecture appealing, though I can't get away from it when I'm trying to relax at home!

    Thank you for the compliments, btw.
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