[WOO] Piggeh's 500th day AMA

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by hoi, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. So, blah blah blah, my 500th day was 4 days ago, so, uhm.. Ask me anything. :)
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  2. Do you like pigs?
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  3. Oh I forgot one...Do you like BUDDER?
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  4. Positive.

    Like, butter* that goes on food? Then yes, I like butter on my waffles, pancakes, and corn.

    But, as for gold*, I like gold too.. (I have a gold addiction)
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  5. Do you like heavy metal? If yes, Do you like Slipknot?
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  6. I have no interests in heavy metal.
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  7. What sort of music interests you?

    It can be a genre or a specific band.
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  8. Well, I like house music, techno, dubstep. Stuff like that. :)
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  9. Have you ever seen a marlix or a momentus in the wild?
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  10. I've seen two Momentuses, but my friends showed me them. No marlixes.
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  11. Do you like waffles?
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  12. Occasionally, yes.
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  13. Do you like pancakes?
    Did you know I am older than you by a few days?
  14. Im turning 17 in 10 days. :p

    Eh, pancakes are okay.
  15. *meant in game
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  16. Why did you make a new profile picture?
  17. o0_Jetfire_0o made it for me. ;)
  18. Me too I have a gold addiction for I bought 15 stacks of the stuff last night xD
  19. What's the highest amount of rupees youve had?

    And I'm 2days older than you (On Xandrow tho)
  20. Muffins or pie?