Wonky Minecraft Physics Pls Help

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by golddigger221, May 13, 2015.

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  1. I came on Minecraft today, but when I tried moving around and such, I can move around fine...
    BUT it seems that Minecraft is interpreting my mouse movements really weird, so I end up with me looking at the sky, just turning in circles even though I didnt move my mouse, then Im looking at the ground... turning in circles. I don't know whats happening, I cant play Minecraft like this
    EDIT: just did a malware scan, apparently something was screwing my computer, false alarm :/
  2. I remember this bug when it use happen to me. Not really sure how to fix it though sorry.
  3. Is it only Minecraft or EMC, etc?
  4. It is all over Minecraft, EMC, other servers, singleplayer
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  5. Hmm... Try to play with your sensitivity settings.
  6. I have this too sometimes, but after a minute or 2, it's working fine. That's all I know about this.
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  7. Sensitivity didn't seem to work, I tried that first
  8. Every now and then my mouse would just quit on me even though it has fully charged batteries.
  9. maybe if you have a laptop and you have it on your lap your body is touching the touchpad if its on
  10. I think something interferes or so with your mouse. On what surface do you use the mouse? What kind of mouse do you have? Do you have a desktop or a laptop (don't need specifications).
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