Wolff's Photo Shoots!

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  1. I have recently been using Shadders on EMC, and now I am taking pictures of your builds!
    So far I have taken photos of random builds, like 18200 and BigDavie's Pyramid, but I need YOU to suggest build I should take photos of!

    Some of our happy comments!

    My Photos!
    BigDavie's Pyramid:

    ItsMeWolffpack's Fishing Dock and farm 18445. SMP9

    FDNY21's 18200 Museum. SMP9
    (My first shoot ever)

    We3Nubs's Build:

    River Runs SMP6:
    MoeMacZap's Horse Racing eXtream Track:
    Big thanks to Baradar67!
    Click here for Baradar's view!

    I have SO much fun taking all of these! Please don't let me slowdown on taking pics!
  2. Very nice
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  3. If you could point me to the mod you use that would be great.
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  4. In these shoots I used just Shaders 1.8

    I used
    • MrMeeps Shaders v05 Pre Ultra DoF
    • 5ildurs Vibrant shaders v1.06 Extreme.zip
    I often use 5EUS-v10.1-Ultra_motion-Blur.zip for Spookie-ish builds
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    The two at the same time or separately?
  5. Separately
  6. Smooth lighting?
  7. Nope =p
  8. Love it.
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  9. If you want to take screenshots of my museum-mall, feel free to do so at 12097, 12143, 12144, 12197, 12198, 12142, 12196, 12096, and 12058. I will be adding more reses to the grid someday, and it is still a WIP.
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  10. I'll come by soon!
  11. Apparently Java 8 is breaking my minecraft when I try to use the mod, uninstalling 8 and installing 7.
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  12. Hope you get it working!
  13. Feel free to come shoot any of my builds on SMP8
    My main builds are:
    +ship << A 2 res long aircraft carrier
    +time << Huge working clock tower
    +complex << My first res, underground city, large library, underground jungles... lots of stuff, idk how good it'll look, tried some shaders with it once, they didnt look so great below ground

    +city << 2x2 city of my Decep_ alt, work in progress, but should be enough done for some nice shots
  14. These are some really nice shots! Unfortunately the third and fourth links on the list didn't work for me. But I loved what I saw :D I am currently working on a Santa Village on my first res in preparation for, well, Christmas. If you're interested in taking screenshots of that I just got a giant Santa Claus put up ;)
  15. Will do!

    Thanks! I fixed those last two links for ya :) IT WILL BE AN HONOR TO TAKE PICTURES OF A GIANT SANTA
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  16. Bump! Added +RR

    Give me more places to take photos of!
  17. These photos look awesome!

    Actually ... you would do me a huge favor if you could take some shots of the residences of /v amadai.
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