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  1. "Taken from YouTube and not independently verified"
    So this isn't a hoax at all...
  2. It's on the BBC website too, so that adds a bit of credibility (unless they're being hoaxed as well)

    Edit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21468116
  3. :eek: Thats All I Am Going To Say But Wooow :)

    Also it's funny when people think its fake. When Its Is Not. May Be They cant Take The True. LOL If So.
  4. Exactly what I picked up on
  5. You know there was to be a huge meator that was coming by the US around this time right?
  6. Probably just someone had the wrong time and date set on their camera :p More likely than hundreds of people injuring themselves just for the sake of a hoax.
  7. Def not a hoax

    pretty crazy
  8. i cant wait untill the news tonight ill bet they will show it over and over again... unless some food warning comes out lol
  9. It's amazing how fast these spread. I was looking at it a few minutes ago on CNN.
  10. its a few hours old now lol.
  11. i hope the people in the town are ok
  12. Hey, Aikar, is the forums website hosted on one of the servers that hosts the minecraft servers? If so, which one?
  13. kinda off topic lol
  14. Fus ro dah meteor!!!
  15. It was not a meteor, it was Kirby.
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  16. Meteors, why you no like earth?
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  17. you have a gif for everything dont you
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