Wither Skeleton Skull Rarity

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  1. Hey guys!

    So I've decided that when fighting Wither Skeletons and looking for skulls, I'm taking an Iron sword with Looting 1. Here's why:

    So I was in SMP 9 the other day at a Blaze Grinder and decided to go for a little walk in the Nether. I had my trusty Diamond Sword with Smite V and Looting III. Nothing could stop me (Muahaha) and so I'm walking around slaughtering the skeletons. After about 10 minutes, I realized I was hopelessly lost. So I just started walking around again and killing more skeletons. I spent around 3 hours looking, and killed over 100 of the little buggers. I didn't get a skull. Later I died because swimming in lava is discouraged.

    So now this is why I like the Iron Sword better:

    Yesterday, DeMott_Mafia, TheGamer107 and I were hunting Wither Skeletons. After about 5 minutes we had found a skull (I participated in the fight with my sword.) DeMott picked it up and ran to put it in a safe place. He comes back and after like 10 minutes we found another. Again, I participated (I think I got the final kill both times) so I said "Wooo! One more needed!" and he then said he was going back to the base. I was like 40 seconds behind him. Right in front of the entrance was another skeleton and I thought "Oh cool. I'll kill you and then go place the second Skull" so I did, and voila, #3! This took like 15ish minutes of killing them (Killed less than 50)

    So after we killed Mr. Wither we just kinda hung out and were doing our own thing, but just now, after killing 4 or 5 skeletons I found ANOTHER one! Still with this sword! So I'm thinking it's not as rare as people think it is. Maybe Looting III messes it up? I don't know why, but this sword is magic compared to the other one.
  2. Lol and then you gave away the secret on here lols, idk does the III mess it up?
  3. Yo dawg, I heard you like skulls, so Imma put a skull with yo skull, while you get skulls and more skulls.
    This sounds awesome, someone should really test this.
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  4. I don't know haha, and I don't care if other people know about it.

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  5. Loothing III is actually supposed to HELP you. you have like a 30% chance more of getting one. This is very strange.
  6. That's what I thought, but when I died and lost my Looting III Diamond and had to use my Looting I Iron (Gift from DeMott) They fell like candy haha
  7. I think the chances of getting the skulls is horribly random. You were probably just unlucky, I use a Loot III Smite IV and have gotten a total of over 48 skulls.....Sometimes I get 3 in less than 5 minutes, and sometimes It takes over a half hour to get one.
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  8. True dat
  9. Just found another. Killed 3 of the buggers to get it
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  10. Maybe my minecraft guy is just smarter and instead of leaving the skeleton to poof he just rips off the head.

    I have no explanation
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  11. Oh my god... they have become self-aware. This is truly the end of all things as we know it.
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  12. Aliens....
  13. *Aliens Edit: I saw you make that edit...
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  14. That'd be crazy. I'd summon a wither, grab all the skeleton heads it launched, and summon more. Muahaha
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  15. I corrected myself like 5 seconds before that post... You ruined it... Hiss..
  16. The grammar nazis are always watching...
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  17. Its just random. Sometimes I can go an hour with 0 skulls however my best was 20 in one hour.
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  18. I see. Until last week I'd never even seen one. I just kept hearing "1 in 100" from people
  19. looting is just messed up because my friend had looting and i had a plain sword and i got about 1 skull 10 minutes... he had only one when i just went out a night and got 3... we fough the boss and i got the start then i got to fight the boss again with him because i got him another skoll
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