Wither and Beacon

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  1. Today vividoptimism and oidking and I made a deal that if he helped us kill our wither we'd kill his. it was the most fun fight ive ever done on mc. dogsrnice participated in helping fight the wither. here are some screenies.

    and look , now we have this!
  2. Amazing.
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  3. the fight is fun:) congrats too all who have a beacon
  4. I would want to fight one of those, but I would die in like... 5-8 minutes worth of my poor life...
  5. prorbly not the best idea to keep all that there it will probably get greifed fast
  6. I would have had fun like this, but ghasts to not like bridges with people on them... All of my 100k inventory... Gone!
  7. The first fight we had, I did great. The second wither was the one posted above. You can see me running for my life in the second picture bottom left, lol. It was fun and I recommend doing it with trusted friends. These guys brought the star to me in my hole :).
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  8. I spawned mine in an old greifed wild town, the town already looked like it had bombed. Best place ever!
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  9. I think I spewed my coke from my nose reading this...
    EDIT: Wait, not the "Drug kind", the drinky drink kind. Sorry about that xD
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  10. oh look! i forgot a picture! this one is honestly one of the best
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  11. :O Potatoes!