Witch Huts

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Have you ever seen a Witch hut on EMC?

Yes 5 vote(s) 38.5%
No 8 vote(s) 61.5%
  1. Hey EMC,

    Has Anyone ever seen a Witch hut on EMC? I asked Aikar and he said they should spawn. but i heard a rumor that they dont spawn.

    I have never seen a Witch Hut and i have been in the wild alot and seen so many swamp biomes.

    If they do spawn could you please comment.

    Also If they don't spawn, do you want them to sapwn?
  2. I have yet to see one, but maybe it's just me. I'd like to see one for sure ;D
  3. If EMC has not changed any structure spawns, it should spawn. It is uncommon and there are other players who love to remove anything that looks good.
  4. I thought the title of this thread was "witch hunt" as in literally searching for a witch. However no, I haven't seen a witch hut.
  5. Ive seen many, even ones from after the update
  6. like on emc?
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  7. I have seen witch huts in the old generated chunks. Yet have to see one in the new generated chunks, was wondering on it myself too. Or either the hut spawn rate has been decreased? No idea though.
  8. I've found many in the wild, pre and post 1.7 chunks. Quick scan of livemap, smp9 waste and I can see one at -1293, 773. They are out there.
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  9. I've seen some.