Witch Hut Outpost [Established]

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  1. Hello all. I'm here today to announce the creation of something big. Something amazing. Some even consider it Legendary. On June 19, 2014, The Legendary "Witch Hut Outpost" was Born!

    My most recent locked chest is in the heart of the outpost.

    Located in Utopia, the Witch Hut Outpost stands at a Jaw Dropping 150k + out in the Wilderness Frontier.

    Current Members:

    Bro_im_infinite (Owner)
    GameKribBro (Owner)
    Agozyen (Owner)
    JarodTheRanga (Owner)


    We are not currently accepting new members. Please do not ask to join.

    If anything more info is needed regarding the Witch Hut Outpost, Please start a PM including all 3 owners.
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  2. Excellent idea claiming an outpost in Utopia.
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  3. can i join?
  4. I don't understand? I was under the impression that if a player stumbled upon a build out in wild/wilderness etc. said player was entitled to use it? or does this rule not apply in Utopia? I'm only asking this because I don't understand why you've advertised it then stated only members can use it however, no new members are being accepted yet?
  5. who is stumbling out 150k?
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  6. *Drunk Olympic runner stumbles by* Oooooh, what a pretty outpost, I might just *BOOM* (Creeper explosion)
  7. As I said what are the rules? maybe someone could answer this?
  8. I think he's building a witch hut, but bigger and with witch spawners
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  10. Very best of luck with your outpost :)
  11. Thanks for the link Bro_im-infinite I honestly didn't understand what was going on as last I heard the only way to protect land/outposts etc. was with a dragon egg or credits etc. Thanks again for the thread :cool:
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  12. Pictures please :D
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  14. Bump so staff can see
  15. You and your 3 accounts you! xD
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  16. i would i have done 200k blocks
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  17. its easier said than done :p