Witch Hut Coords...

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  1. It would be Great if someone had them... I'll make a witch farm and "exploit" the witch chunk!
    (By digging a 150x150 metre radius xD)
  2. I'm Willing to pay... But I need proof it has witches spawned...
  3. you know that witch huts actually spawn in a very limited space right? i think docm77 has a video about it. if you get one, make sure to check that farm out. it seems really cool.
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  4. I have and in order to optimise it I want to make a 150x150 sized quarry and light that area up, therefore eliminating other mob spawns which maximise efficiency.
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  5. I found one. WAY out on smp9, I think (like, 15k blocks or something). I killed the witch, but more will spawn? I don't know, but I can give you the coords. I think I set a waypoint.
  6. ah i just didnt know what you meant :p
    ah yes they will respawn. like any good witch they can never be killed >: D
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  7. Yeah I trust ya! Can you pm me coords? And Do want to help work on the quarry with me! Cause the good thing is... you can't destroy a chunk!
  8. i don't think digging out the entire thing would be the most efficient way. you could just have a strip mine-type setup that digs straight down to find and light dark spots and you would get resources from it too. and you could avoid lava if you dig a 1x2 hole. just like a strip mine rotated 90*.
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  9. Very true!
  10. Sounds like a good idea, something you may want to keep in mind though is slime chunks. If the area you a lighting up is within a slime chunk you'll get rid of hostile mob spawns but not slimes... Perhaps flooding the caves is a better idea... I'm not sure just thought I'd mention it :D
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  11. that would work better than lighting it up. the only problem that might occur is if you start getting slimes spawning in your witch farm... but hey, slimeballs are still worth something even in 1.4, right?
  12. I can make magma cubes and sticky pistons.... all good
  13. and redstone galore! ;)
  14. So an immortal witch...
    that can be killed...
    Zombie Witch!!!! Run for your lives!!! :eek:
  15. How would you make magma cubes from slimes?
  16. Lava bucket a Slime Chunk :p
  17. i think witches can drop the creams, as well as blaze powder, and slimeballs+powder=cream.
  18. Yeah, I know how to make magma cream but he said magma cube so it got me thinking *can you really make magma cubes from slimes?* and *I wonder how, lighting them on fire?*
    Perhaps it was just a mistake :)
  19. Well, I didn't get a darn thing from the witch I killed.

    EDIT: This mob has some pretty boring drops, so maybe I didn't notice -- Glass Bottles, Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder, Redstone Dust, Spider Eyes, Sticks,Sugar and Water Bottles
  20. what exactly is the point of a witch farm?