witch heads?

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  1. i swear ive killed about 200 witches with a sword and not gotten a single head, do witches not drop heads? has anyone gotten one?
  2. im really not sure if they do or not. i would like to say no because ive never gotten any and never seen anyone that has any. but i may be wrong
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  3. i mean i know they are rare, most people dont have witch farms and of the ones that do even less are killing them by hand, but ive been trying and been unsuccessful. aikar said every mob except silverfish and bats should have one so whares mah head!
  4. We need horse heads.
  5. That would be hard since there are many breeds of horses.
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  6. Well, and squids. :p

    Wouldn't witches drop villager heads, instead of a "witch" head? It is essentially a villager, just has a hat, and some robes.
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  7. That's true but some people like collecting them because it says Witch Head xD

    When Dragon Tombs comes out there better be an enderdragon head or I will be disappointed.
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  8. Nope, no witch heads.
    The heads that drop here on EMC go from the "MHF" head accounts that were released by Mojang, and they didn't make a witch head one.
    Check here for the heads they made.

    Ignoring the bottom 2 rows (and the herobrine one :cool:)
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  9. Iron Golem heads!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  10. Well, to put it clear, I'm not fully aware of all the heads that Aikar actually added, but as there no account for the Witch, that's a certain no.
  11. Yes, however last time I checked, not all 'heads' are obtainable on EMC.
    Heads you cannot get are squid, and the iron golem.
  12. Wait there aren't squid heads? I'v been trying to get one for a month...
  13. im pretty sure ive seen iron golem heads somewhere....
  14. It could of been someone's skin.
  15. In Chin's picture, the top three rows are the heads you can get, except three of them.
    There was an official posting regarding which heads were obtainable in game.
    Squid and iron golem were not on the list, nor was the 'herobrine' head.
    The steve head I believe represented 'player' heads.
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