Wipple4's MEGA Mall Building Service!

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  1. This Is Another Service From Me & Jeremy_Gutspear:)

    As a lot of people are building MEGA malls, I want to build them for them :)
    There will be discount codes dotted around empireminecraft.com and they will all give you 20% off your purchase! Here are the prices...

    Budget Mall - 70,000r
    Cool Mall - 80,000r
    Super Mall - 90,000r
    Ultimate Mall - 100,000r

    All the malls will fit in EVERY item in the game! I will also place the chests and displays too!
    This is a great oppertunity, but remember look for discount codes first!

    To place an order follow this structure
    Mall Type (see above):
    Discount Code:

    After you have commented, give me all perms to the res and it will be built as soon as possible! You have to pay me when you place the order otherwise you may not come on when i'm on and that will make me :( xD, Im being serios, you can really trust me!

    Discount codes will be marked in bold like this: WMMDC: <Code>

    Thanks a lot,
    Wipple4, Jeremy
  2. Please wipple... stop spamming the discount codes on random stickied threads (or any thread for that matter).
  3. soz
  4. What good do discount codes do?
  5. get u 20% off!!! :) :) :)
  6. How long does it take for you to build one?
  7. Long time :p. Still working on mine and i started last september lol on my shop :)
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  8. How many codes would be around the website?