Wipple Lotto V2 WIN 1,000,000!

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  1. Hello!
    Lotto At My Casino - 1970!
    1k Per Ticket!
    1mil Prize!
    We Keep Just 100k And Give-Away 1mil!
    Odds Are 1:1100
    Increased Chance The More Tickets You Buy!
    Check It Out, You May Become A Millionaire!
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  2. How do you know you will get 1100 buyers? What if you don't?
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  3. What is the percent you are keeping and the percent the winner gets and is this verified by a staff member?
  4. RainbowChin Has Looked At It!
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  5. Chest Will Be Out Of Stock!
  6. Shouldn't this be a time based thing, not a 'wait until chest is empty' thing?

    If the chest never empties... and you say had 100-200 people buy tickets... that is implying that someone temporarily has 200k ....how will this be enforced so it's not just a wait out - and get away with money ordeal?
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  7. It will stay open until ALL of them are sold! At the way we are going they may all be sold tonight even!
  8. So to make sure I understand this right, you aren't funding anything, meaning somebody could do what you're doing with a balance of 0 rupees? You're collecting funds from everyone, then at the end you keep 10% and give the rest away, right?

    It would make more sense to me if it was time-based instead of ticket-based, meaning it's however many tickets are sold in x time period instead of how many tickets are sold regardless of time. Kind of makes the business plan obvious, which you'd think you want to keep to yourself for the most part.
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  9. Yay bought 74 papers i waste money yay :D
  10. Half Of The Tickets Sold!
    IN ONLY 2 HOURS!!!
    Maybe we can draw tonight =D?
  11. Really though, why do people join such things?
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  12. To become a millionaire!!
  13. There's zero percent to win though. (if you round it, that is)
  14. Some people have fun with it. Same reason why wipple's casino is in good business.
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  15. bought 475k worth of tickets #theyololife
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  16. All tickets are sold come to 1970 on smp1 to see the winner!
  17. Who won?
  18. mockingjgirl
  19. Sounds a lot like banks tbh. They take all your money, keep %10 of it and lend it out to sir bob the third so he can buy a fancy car and hope he pays the debt back plus some interest. Except with this system more people are losing than winning.
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  20. That yolo prolly took you the win ^^
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