Wintermoon Island griefed AGAIN :(

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Have they griefed your wild base?

Yes, sadly 9 vote(s) 47.4%
Nope 10 vote(s) 52.6%
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  1. So, I live in an island on smp7 with a couple of friends, its not far from LLO. One time we got griefed, blocks missing, things in chests etc. and the worst is that we never knew who did it. But yesterday, December 31 of 2012, we got griefed again! This time lava was poured in two buildings and everything went on fire, the chests went empty and everything was a total mess.
    We were so mad, not just because of that but because of not knowing who did it! Really? Lava?
    Im here to tell you that griefing these days has gone too far, one cant place a beacon at the wild because of being afraid that griefers will take it! Have they griefed your wild base? How mad were you?
    This needs to stop.

    Theres a picture of what the griefer did. If you he is reading this: You are being hunted by Bilbo :)
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  2. if they placed lava cant the mods find out who done it?
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  3. I don't know, maybe, Ill try to figure out :)
  4. Yes they can.

    I know where that base is as i've seen you guys there on the live-map a few times - you're way too close to spawn.
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  5. Good to know it, I know we are too close, but, it isn't an excuse to grief. :/
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  6. no, they only track tnt, all other stuff is not logged, sadly, someone did the some thing to my mob spawner. took me 2 days to fix it. i hope u find who did it.
  7. We will, and when we do, Ill be happy :)
  8. Nope, they log signs, fire (this includes lava) and TnT
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  9. 1) My condolences go out to you, have 1k for rebuilding.
    2) Mods track F&S and lava bucket uses. Nuff Said
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  10. They should get a plugin called LogBlock it would really help with these types of things
  11. I really appreciate that :)
  12. This would cause massive lag for EMC. It's been discussed before, and turned down.
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  13. But that requires a lot of memory and causes lag, correct?
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  14. Also check with the EMC Investigator

    A creeper griefed my newly found double spawner yesterday.
    I wasn't mad, but sad :(
  15. Make enclosure for the beacon out of obsidian, 4-5 block thick, with a lava layer ;)
    Griefers are usually very lazy and also dumb people, so it will reduce the probability for the beacon to get stolen :)
  16. Lol, not risking anyways ;-;
  17. 72Volt Griefing Constant: For every 1,000 blocks of distance you are from the nearest spawnpoint (outpost or otherwise, griefing incidents decrease by 50%. I have based this on absolutely nothing.

    Every time you get griefed, move 1,000 blocks away from your current position and 500 blocks in a direction away from spawn. Just in case. If everyone does this, there will be a ring-cluster of settlements in each wild world, where the incidents of griefing has been cut to 0 due to the distance. Right now we don't know what the distance is, but it'll become clear if this is done.
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  18. I have sent 1k your way, my condolences are with you. ^_^
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  19. I'm fairly positive mods can track lava/fire usage in the wild. I'll look into it and see if I can get a name. I'm sorry that happened. The best thing for you to do is travel quite a distance from one of the cardinal outposts and get roughly 5,000 + away from the protective zone. No guarantees your safe, but the more distance the less motivated a griefer. I have an outpost roughly 16,000 (on both X and Y) away from people and I've never even seen someone not supposed to be there.
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  20. Thanks guys! This really helps, I have also talked to R0bbie and Chickenner, waiting for responses :)
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