Winners of Empire White Room Challenge Announced!

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  1. Attention Empire!

    Those of you who tuned in to EMCon 2013 are aware of the White Room Challenge that went on during the broadcast. If you didn't tune in, these were the guidelines.

    Players were given a space 30 x 30 x 30 blocks to build whatever they wanted in a 3hr period. Screenshots were then sent in and a panel of judges, including the sponsor of the contest Faithcaster, voted to determine the winners.

    Due to family drama, I was out of town for a while and I do apologize for not getting this posted sooner.
    So without further adieu, the winners of the 2013 EMCon White Room Challenge are:




    Congratulations to our winners. Faithcaster should be sending out the prizes shortly.

    Prizes have been sent out. =)
  2. Fixed your spoilers. :P
    Ah, I expected them to be broken in a future edit. :(
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  3. wow. awesomeness!
  4. Yay, I won something! Nice job Talukegod and Supereskimo. :)
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  5. I don't see fixed ones :p
  6. I like supereskimos the best.
  7. o an how u do spoilers?
  8. They were broken again after I fixed them.
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  9. I'll keep moose from touching them if you will fix them again please.
  10. Must...break more spoilers...
  11. Haha moose
  12. Congrats to the winners, payments have been send.
    Please enjoy the 50, 30, and 20k rupees :)
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  13. Thanks faith :D
  14. These are all so pretty! We have some talented people! :)
  15. Derp i didn't know it had to be based on EMCon -_- i just build this Huge mansion with ballroom and more... 3 hours of building gone xD
  16. It didnt have to be based on emcon...
  17. Really Oh xD