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  1. if you know whats good for you and your computer, stay away from updating to Windows 10, its a terrible service and now i cant even watch youtube on my only computer, i hope sony or Mojang by MC back from Microsoft before they ruin MC also.

    feel free to comment on this matter
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  2. buy's* very sorry for any errors, im quit tired :D
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  3. What kind of PC do you have? Odds are the hardware in it isn't compatible with windows 10, because I haven't had a single problem since updating... The only problem I've seen was on a friends computer, but that was because its about 7 years old and there wasn't a windows 10 driver for his graphics card.
  4. im using a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series
  5. barely even a month old
  6. Newer computers, especially laptops with non-upgradeable hardware are fine for Windows 10. Privacy issues can be fixed, but if you plan to change the hardware of your computer, you are out of luck. There is also no windows DVD reader standard, which is annoying.

    You can downgrade from Windows 10 if you've been using it for less than 1 month :)
  7. How?!?! i would love to downgrade, normally you dont hear that XD
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  8. You definitely should still be able to watch youtube. What browser are you using?
    You can still watch dvds on windows 10, you just have to use vlc which is a fantastic video player anyway.
  9. my browser is Google Chrome, since i can no longer find my Internet Exploerer any more after the update
  10. I would not use this in the first place >.>
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  11. i switch back and forth depending on what im doing :D well, used to
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  12. They removed Internet explorer in exchange for the new edge browser since Internet explorer is objectively worse than most other browsers and has a huge hatred around it. The reason YouTube doesn't play could be a glitch in chrome. Try edge (has a similar e logo) or firefox.
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  13. edge wont even load the video (ive tried several) and Chrome played videos before the update just fine, and its not the video for me its the audio :/
  14. Weird - I run Windows 10 mighty fine on my computer and it works better than windows seven or eight.
  15. Go to settings, then to update and security, then select recovery to find the downgrade option.
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  16. thnk you Korszak, and i dont know why either
  17. I have been watching YouTube with chrome on windows 10 for a while now. Must be some weird hardware or driver problem with your laptop. One last thing you can try is making sure all of your driver's are up to date. If that doesn't work then a downgrade is probably best until the problem is solved.
  18. The only bug I've experienced with Windows 10 is the laggy start menu and cortana. By that I mean that it would take like 5 minutes to start it up >.>
  19. No issues at all with Win10, I blocked the telemetry and data collection the first hour I installed it. Guys, if you know please do a fresh install of windows 10 (ONLY IF YOU KNOW!!!).
  20. I've been running Windows 10 for over a month now and haven't been having many problems. Granted, I did have to disable a ton of privacy stealing features. The only problem I'm really having is with the start menu and the search bar, and that's my own fault.
    By the way, in the environmental variables for the computer, could anyone on Windows 10 tell me the default PATH variable? I might have erased that by mistake. Okay, I did...