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  1. I am guessing one of these would show up sooner or later so here it is. Here is a link to Microsoft's official post. I think it is a cool update that adds some cool stuff. Yes, most of the features can be found elsewhere, but having them in Windows isn't a bad thing.
  2. Going post this .gif right now because in few hours this will my reaction to some replies to this thread.

    To what I think about new windows coming out great :D. I never messed with windows 7 because I have no home computer atm and my work one is running Windows XP.
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  3. To be honest, it doesn't look bad. I'm probably never going to use it, but I wouldn't mind using it if I had to.
  4. Clearing this up before it erupts -
    This is called windows ten instead of windows nine because of some obscure code left over from windows 95 and 98 as seen here
    There we go.
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  5. Not going to lie, it does not look bad. Looks hell of a lot more useful than Windows 8. Am I going to be the only person excited?
  6. No I'm general excited for it can't wait to try it out when I buy my new computer in couple of months.
  7. It seems a bit less adventurous than windows 8, and it seems not that much touch oriented, and that is mostly a good thing. I liked how 8 flowed on hybrid's, but it definitely did not work on most computers the way it should have. It seems better, but I am not that impressed, personally.
  8. This is a CNET breakdown. Click here! It looks to be like a Windows 7 with a tad of Windows 8. Basically like saying we know you hated the Start in Windows 8 so now we just stuck it beside the Windows 7 start to bring you a Windows 7/8 hybrid baby.

    (Source CNET, talk about Windows 10 stops 1:30 minutes into the vid)

    (Source Microsoft)

    These videos for all of you people who don't have time to read the big blogs.;)
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  9. As a mac user chiming in:

    This looks like a good update, and I hope it is.
    Being a bit more conservative is good.
  10. Check out the video below. It shows what Microsoft is currently working on. I for one thing they finally figured it out. I like Windows 8 even without a touchscreen, but I feel like Windows 10 is a huge improvement. Microsoft finally realized that the best way to give touch and mouse people what they want is to give them separate things.

    In totally related news, I am no longer reading the comments in news articles about Windows 10.
  11. Wait...
    Where is windows 9? Did I miss something? Can I not count? Did we change the number system to base 9 and not tell me? Or is there not going to be windows 9?
    Edit: I have a computer with windows 8, I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of it. However 10 looks much for functional.
  12. Microsoft decided to skip 9 because #yolo and for some super deep and metaphorical reasons that no one cares about because it is a computer operating system. It may also have something to do with making sure people don't think, "hey, apple is on version 10 of their os while windows is at 9. Obviously, this means windows is behind and doesn't deserve our money."
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  13. I believe it has to do with the bad reception 8 got, and also starting a new "line" of Windows releases.

    I am happy. If my mouse is pleased, then so am I. I would be very happy if they had an option to disable all of that tablet/tile crap, I don't need that on my desktop or laptop.
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  14. Once you figure it out, they are actually very useful. The live tiles can show you what the weather is, your emails, social media information, and more. Even if you don't actually run the apps, their tiles can be useful and they really aren't that hard to click with a mouse.
  15. I personally can't stand the UI of 8, even after 8.1. Plus widgets sound much more sophisticated than tiles lol. :p
  16. wut. Where is Windows 9
  17. Also the word 9 in Japan is unlucky, because the word nine in Japanese also sounds like the word suffering.
  18. Installed it on my Surface Pro - annoyingly, it seems the Surface version of it keeps the old start menu. >_> Seems reasonably stable though.
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  19. Windows 8.1 was what Microsoft see as Windows 9. Plus Windows 10 sounds a bit better than 9.

    It looks really good. I think I may actually upgrade to it. Been avoiding 8 at all costs :p