Win Rupees By Guessing The Right Advert!

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Are You Going To Guess?

Yes! Free Rupees! 9 vote(s) 69.2%
Maybe, If I Know Them... 3 vote(s) 23.1%
No! I begz for ma rupezzz!!!111 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Hello EMC!

    For this game all I want you to do is, I will say a line from an advert, if you can get it right you can win between 500r-2500r!

    I will ask for things like:
    'Im lovin' it'
    Then you reply with:

    Some adverts will differ because of me being UK! I will search YouTube for USA, AU and other countries too!

    callummiskelly - 500r
    gokart32010 - 750r

    First to guess right will get the money and I wont do 2 winners etc.

    Any questions/comments just ask! Donations are accepted too!

  2. is that the argos ad
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  3. Correct! I will send some r over to you when I can get onto my computer.

    Second One:
    'You wont find that anywhere else'
  4. Halfords?
  5. Wrong! Please dont lava wall me :confused:
  6. Wrong!
    List of guesses:

    Reminder: 'You wont get that anywhere else!'
  7. i cant guess again can i?
  8. Wrong!

    Im going to change the rules :) So no you can post again

    After 10 guesses I will move onto the next one
  9. I know I heard that in some ad, just don't remember wich one. :mad:
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  10. Same here. :(
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  11. Clue: H is the starting letter of the advert
  12. i got it after looking it up if its allowed answer is: Holland & Barrett
  13. Correct! :D

    Third One:
    'The *7 letter word here* on DVD and Blu-Ray the perfect Christmas gift'
  14. The Monkees :D
    I would think "Avengers," but it's 8 letters.
  15. Wrong
  16. what about mine