Win 50.000 Rupees

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  1. Hello I Need Ideas For This : 2012-07-10_07.03.43.png
    Best Idea Giver Gets : 50000 R
    Second Best Idea Giver Gets 10000 R
    This Will End When 50 Ideas Have been given By 50 Diffrent Players.'
    Suggesting a 8x8 Dirt House Will Not Count As An Idea. You Will Join The List If you come with an acceptable idea.
    My Builder Will Be Eclipsys
    First Acceptable Suggest : Fellyboy - 4 Worlds. The End. The Wild. The Nether. The Town.
    2 Acceptable Suggest : HylianNinja - LOTRO Rivendell
    3 Acceptable Suggest : Biscuitboy5396 - Connective Towers
    4 Acceptable Suggest : Eclipsys - Secret So Far :D
    5 Acceptable Suggest : Wanna Stay Secret.... - Roman Temple
    6 Acceptable Suggest : jkjkjk182 - Tropical Island, Giant Volcano Moon With Mooshrooms On It, Sunken Island With Pirate Hideout.
    7 Acceptable Suggest : serialkicker - Floating City
    8 Acceptable Suggest - vividOptimism - Large Sphere with 4 supporters from each Res holding the Sphere
    9 Acceptable Suggest : SpaceShuttleFan - Make 4 Shards
    10 Acceptable Suggest : Ignoramoose - Angle With 4 Legs All Meating Spherical.
    11 Acceptable Suggest : Deadskaia - Earth Air Fire Water 4 Elements Temples.
    12 Acceptable Suggest : Merlin_Bot - Fable Inspired Castle
  2. Huge rollercoaster?



    Or maybe a space ship
  3. Epic DİRT/GRASS mansion :O

    [EDİT] Kinda original aswell =P
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  4. Have 4 types of worlds on there:

    The End
    The Wild
    The Nether
    The Town :D (like build a mansion)

    EDIT: Love the cartman pic :D love south park XD
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  5. Sorry I Dont Like Any :D
  6. Tree house. Use jungle trees and link the four ress together(they will grow over) and you can make a really cozy tree house that looks awesome.
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  7. Make a pixel art you fighting off mobs
  8. Epic Mall
    Epic 4 Towers that are made out of Gold,Diamond,Iron,and Lapis Blocks and are connected by Warps.
    An Amazing Epic Battleship.
    The Titanic in the sky.
    Tokyo Tower
    Empire State Buiding
  9. You could make a Giant NPC village or a replica of where you live ( Like town )
  10. Or maybe the temple of notch!
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  11. Look If your name joins the list.
    Only a few ideas will be accepted
    It is 50.000 So only the best gets a chance :D
  12. This is a scam it says 50.000 rupees not 50,000 rupees!
  13. Carnival with a ferris wheel and all :)
  14. Fixed It
    Now Get Your Butt Out Of This Thread.
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  15. we know that you mean 50k as your diamond supporter you must have rupees?

    EDIT: Just people nit-picking
  16. You should make a Medieval looking community, and when you look at it from the LiveMap, the building arrangements spell out "Empire Minecraft".
  17. Do a /shop replica!
  18. In other countries commas are replaced by periods.
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  19. Already being done by someone else