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  1. Hello!
    Today I will be hosting a new lottery!
    It is simple, just buy a ticket to be in with a chance of winning 1 million rupees.
    The draw is when all tickets are sold.
    For every ticket you buy you get entered one time, so the more tickets = the bigger your chance.
    The draw will take place on
    This is just a quick thread, for more info visit the res!
    Ticket price = 1k
    Chance of winning for 1 ticket = 1:1150
    Chance of winning for 10 tickets = 1:115
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  2. How much are tickets?
  3. ^
  4. I think you need to add the chance of winning to make it valid.
    Also the ticket price would be helpful.
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  5. Need to say how many tickets are able to be sold*

    I'm guessing he's selling just enough tickets to break with a little profit. Such as selling 110 tickets at 10k each, leaves him with 100k after paying out the mill.
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  6. Sounds cool, thanks for doing this! :D
  7. This lottery is invalid
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  8. Yes, you must put the percent you will get and player will from the pot...
Thread Status:
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